10 Creative Ways to Pop the Big Question

10 Creative Ways to Pop the Big Question

10 Creative Ways to Pop the Big Question

It’s a special time when two people get to a point in their relationship where they’re ready to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not all guys are adept at coming up with perfectly unique ideas for proposals, but luckily there are several tried and true, out of the ordinary methods of popping the big question.

Prior to the proposal, it is important to make sure that you have the right ring size first, but how do you accomplish this without giving away the big announcement? Family owned and Los Angeles jeweler, Icing on the ring, suggests ‘borrowing’ one of her current rings or even asking a discreet member of her immediate family. Once the correctly sized ring is purchased, it’s time for the big moment.

Look up to the Future

It may seem cliché, but having a skywriter spell out a proposal in the sky is still one of the most unique ways to propose. Several people say it is overdone, but honestly, when was the last time you saw a proposal like this in real life?

Propose on the Big Screen

Most ladies enjoy going out to the movies with their beau. If this is the case, you’re in absolute luck. Most movie theaters allow people to place advertisements on the big screen that come on directly before the previews. Speak with a theater representative and make sure to show up well before the movie starts. For a few extra bucks you may even be able to rent out one of the theaters to yourself.

Use her Favorite Website

One boyfriend recently sent in a postcard to his girlfriend’s favorite website, ‘Postsecret’. The postcard had a distinct message on it asking his girlfriend to marry him. After making sure that the postcard got posted on the website, he waited for his girlfriend to scroll down and see the proposal. He was waiting directly behind her with the ring. If there’s any website that can help pull this off, it will be a very memorable proposal.

The Light of your Life

This method requires several votive candles. Turn off all the lights in your home or apartment and make a pathway with the candles. At the end of the trail there should be a circle of candles surrounding the engagement ring.

Stuck on You

It never hurts to be a little playful, so spelling out a proposal with refrigerator magnets is a clever and youthful way to pop the question. You’ll likely have to purchase several bags of letters to get the correct amount of each letter, but this is a small price to pay for the woman you love.

Message in a Bottle

Take your loved one on a nice beach vacation for whatever reason. It’s best to have a private beach, which is possible at a low price at most lake campgrounds. While she isn’t looking, go out onto the beach and bury a glass bottle with an older piece of paper inside of it. This paper should of course have the proposal on it and the bottle should be corked. Help her ‘discover’ the bottle and just wait.

Curtain Call

If your girlfriend likes theatrical productions, you can contact the management of the local theater group. Ask if you can propose onstage after curtain call. Once you have permission, let her enjoy the show before enjoying the rest of her life.

Favorite Writer

This one may take some work, but it’s worth it. If your future fiancee has a favorite author, try your best to get in contact with them or at least find out about any upcoming book signings. Going to a book signing is best, but if you can get an email correspondence going, this works as well. Ask the author to sign the book to your love and to inscribe ‘Will you marry me?’ inside the cover. Hopefully she won’t think the author is proposing.

Read it in the Circulars

If your love is one of the few that still reads the newspaper, take out a full page proposal ad. Make sure that you’re around when she starts reading the paper. This works especially well if she goes over the paper while the two of you are having breakfast.

By the Campfire

This method may not be extremely creative, but danged if it isn’t romantic. If your future wife enjoys nature and doesn’t mind camping out, go ahead and plan a weekend trip to the woods or a local campsite. There is no way that proposing to her by firelight will not stick out in her mind forever.

Popping the question is a special occasion for every couple. True love can hold a marriage together regardless of how the proposal was handled, but it’s always better to have a unique or romantic story to tell the kids or family. The aforementioned methods are just ways to put a little extra topping on the magic that is a marriage, so good luck!

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Author’s Bio: Bianca Ochoa is a freelance writer and lover of all things creative and heart warming. She also a contributing author to popular jeweler in the LA district, Icing on the ring, a family owned and operated specialty boutique providing custom bridal and anniversary jewelry with an emphasis on friendly service, and competitive prices.

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