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10 iPhone Apps That You Absolutely Need

Find Me iPhone

The Find Me app is probably one of the most important apps you can have on your phone. Why? Because if your phone is lost or stolen, then it is the best way to get it back quickly and without much worry. Do not waste time trying to call your phone and hoping someone is kind enough to bring it back. Instead, locate it quickly and easily.

Last Pass Premium

For only a dollar per month subscription, you can store all your passwords safely on your phone. Thus, you no longer have to remember an endless combination of passwords as LastPass will keep them cached for you.


Everyone has had a moment wherein he/she cannot remember the title of a song playing at a restaurant or bar. Now, you can find out the name of the song with Shazam. The app hears the music playing and can give the name of the song and the artist playing it. While it may be entertainment, it will save you from frustrating moments of a song/artist that escapes you.


The worth of this app is that is decreases your overall data use. While more plans are attempting to offer broad plans and unlimited data, there is still a need to keep data at a minimum when possible. Even if you are on an unlimited plan, this app allows you to track just where and how you are using most of your data.


Financing your personal life has never been easier as Mint.com makes it convenient and easy to do. Itemizing, organizing, and keeping all your ducks in a row is now almost fully automatic. With it, there is almost no excuse for losing track of your finances.


While it is a $5 application, and Instagram has become so much the rage in recent months, Snapspeed is an Editors’ Choice for the iPhone. You can edit and customize picture effects with ease. You can also share photos to your social media much more efficiently and easily.


With over 800 million on the social networking site, almost everyone should be aware just how useful the Facebook application is. Keep in touch with friends, family, and acquaintances 24/7 on the world’s most popular social media.


WebMD’s free application is great to have on hand. You never know when you may need the info, and now you never have to worry where to find the answers you seek. It is better safe than sorry, after all.


If you do not already have Yelp, you may get some cockeyed looks from friends. Yelp helps you find business locations with ease and without the hassle. The app comes in very handy during trips to new locations.


With this app, you can receive articles, stories, and online magazines that are interesting and fun to read. It takes stories from all different types of outlets and is fun and easy to use.

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