10 simple and effective fitness routines you can do while watching tv

10 Simple and Effective Fitness Routines You Can Do While Watching TV

Stationary Bike

There is nothing easier than biking mile after mile while you are watching your favorite programs. Try setting the bike to random (if at all possible), so that the resistance levels change while you are watching TV. This will help you remain active in your motions and not fall prey to lethargy.

Tread Mill

Just like with the stationary bike, the treadmills is a very easy way to burn fat, as well as build your cardiovascular ability without noticing. In addition, like with the stationary bike, try setting it to random paces so you stay engaged with the exercise, else you may become too distracted by the entertainment.

Sit Ups

There are plenty of sit up routines that you can do in front of your television. Try watching something with a bit of a high-intensity pace if at all possible. That way, you will not lose the focus and drive by focusing too much on the program.


Stand up tall and put your hands at your sides (like Superman or Wonder Woman). Now take one large step towards the television, and then return to the starting position. For beginners, you can bring you back leg forward, and if you do not have the strength to return to the initial standing position.

Body Squats

Keeping focus on the legs, remain in the standing position just like the lunge. Instead of stepping forward, drop your butt to the floor as low as you can go. Then simply return to the standing position. Balance is the key in this workout, so make sure you start slowly and progress.

Bicep Curls

Whether they are standard curls, reverse curls, or side curls, just keep lifting those weights until your arms are spent. Sometimes television is a welcome distraction to the burn.

Commercial Pushups

Pushups are often only possible in shorter bursts. Try to do as many as you can during a quick commercial break of your favorite show.

Commercial Pull-ups

Just like with pushups, try to do as many as you can during a commercial break. If you do both pushups and pull-ups during at least two separate shows per day (morning and evening), you will find great improvements within days.

Triceps Raises

Triceps raises are simple and easy to do in front of your favorite television program. Simply take your weights and raise your arms straight up above your head. Now, bend your elbows (pointing out in front of you) so the weights fall behind your head until your elbows are practically pointing skyward. Then return your arms to the extended position.

Triceps Dips

Lean against a coach frame or chair facing the television. Extend your legs out so your body is in a 35-45 degree angle. Dip your body down, almost as if you were forcing your shoulders to shrug, and then raise yourself back up. You should feel a burn in your triceps and possibly in your biceps and deltoids.

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10 simple and effective fitness routines you can do while watching tv
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