10 social media apps anyone can use to boost their popularity

10 Social Media Apps Anyone Can Use to Boost Their Popularity

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 06, 2014: Social media are trending and both business as consumer are using it for information sharing and networking.

In the age of internet-based interpersonal communication, the use of social media has exploded. People now connect through their personal computers, laptops, and even their smartphones. More people are finding ways to connect through more social media sites and applications than ever before. Here are 10 social media applications you can use to gain more friends and associates than ever before.

HILVERSUM, NETHERLANDS - FEBRUARY 06, 2014: Social media are trending and both business as consumer are using it for information sharing and networking.


The first application one should utilize to up their connectivity to countless individuals is Facebook. With over 800 million users, Facebook is a must-have for helping you grow your connectedness to everyone else around you. Reconnect with old friends, search for new ones, and find people who like all the same things you do. There is little limitation to who you can find when using the most popular social media in the world.


If you have ever wanted to know what everyone is thinking at every point of the day, twitter is perfect for you. In all seriousness, Twitter has become a fantastic way for the popular and famous to become more connected to their followers. You too can gather a following through twitter quickly and easily. As long as you have something interesting to say or show, anyone can begin following you and linking to your Facebook, Reddit, or like social profiles to follow you fulltime.


For the more business-minded individual, there is Linkedin. This application allows you to network with other business individuals around you. The use of “Connections” (friends and associates) helps you find others in your field or that you would like to connect to. These are known as “Second-Party” or “Third-Party” Connections. In other words, you will be automatically linked up to various individuals who are “friends of friends” and so forth. Networking through business has never been easier.


Gather is a social app that focuses on collecting groups of people who enjoy the same activities and interests. While the idea may be a simple one, it also makes a lot of sense when trying to boost one’s popularity. Instead of trudging around looking for people that may be interested in the same things, leave nothing to chance. Whether it is a movie, a genre of music, or a type of activity, you will find instant connections with Gather.


Whether you want to post a great picture, or look at others’ pictures and chat about them, Reddit is the social app for you. You can find almost any type of picture, animated gif, or short video on Reddit. You can even post your own videos and allow others to chat along with you. Reddit connects to many other social media apps, allowing you to connect a great picture you found to things like Facebook.


It can be said that laughter brings people together more than any other form of interaction. With that in mind, 9Gag is a great way to make friends and new acquaintances. Comment on other person’s pictures and videos. Meet others who hold the same sense of humour as you do. The 9gag application also syncs up with your other social media applications, so that you can share a great laugh with everyone on your parallel social media apps.


A marvellous concept which marries chatting and live listening experience, Turntable.fm lets you chat with friends whilst listening to music. While the idea may seem simple and hacky, brining friends in to listen to music is a great way to build connections. Everybody loves to share his or herfavorite song. And if nothing else, you can all bag on whatever others are listening to, building a kinship on the spot.


Following in the music trend, Spotify made a partnership with Facebook so that you can share your music with your growing base of friends. One of the strongest indirect forms of communication is the sharing of music. The connection that can be made from liking the same types of music can often be stronger than any other like-interest. Using Spotify to connect with others can help you grow your general popularity with individuals that share the same music interest as you.


Why stick with just sending text messages to friends when you can leave them a voice message. Voxer allows you to leave a “voice notes” to those friends that you want to connect with in a verbal fashion. This can add a personal touch when speaking with your growing number of friends and acquaintances.

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