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10 Tips On Smart Time Management At Work

Time is gold. You may have heard this a million times from your parents and teachers. It has been playing inside your head over and over again. Now that you are a young adult, professional and serious with moving ahead in your chosen career, you know very well that you can work efficiently if and only if you can manage your time well. But how can you do that?

Here are 10 tips to keep you going each day without delay:

Tip #1
If you want to start today with your time-saving actions at work, the first thing you need to do is map your calendar for the month. Record your activities in advance and if you can, color code it so you can easily see which is for work and for personal events. Make 2 copies of this calendar. Place one copy to where you can see it when you wake up in the morning and one copy must be at your work desk. It is also important to mark the day X when you are done for the day.

Tip #2
The calendar is for the activities at work that you know in advance. But there will be instances when something comes up on a short notice. So, to keep you on your toes and do what is required of you in a timely manner, make a TO-DO list for the day. Write everything you need to do in advance and rank them accordingly before you go to bed the night before. So, in the morning when you go to the office, you will know what to do first.

Tip #3
Your daily TO-DO list may be confusing. Do you know which task to do first and which you can save for later? If no, then, the safest way to go with at this point is rank the things you need to do according to urgency. Important is different from urgent. One thing may be important but for today, it is not urgent. For example, you were given a ledger to fill up and it is due 2 weeks from today. You also have to buy some supplies to be used anytime soon. So what do you do?

Set your “filling up the ledger” schedule for next week and for today, do what is urgent. Buy the supplies. What if your boss asks for index cards and you do not have it? You will be reprimanded and you do not want that. So, do you see the distinction between important and urgent?

Tip #4
Bring your to-do list with you at all times. This is to remind you that you have things to do and the clock is ticking. So what if it is your lunch break? It is better to finish your work before the allotted time, right? The earlier you finish, the earlier you can go home and relax.

Tip #5
Speaking of lunch breaks, if you can cut your lunch break in half to make way for an urgent office matter, do it. It is a sign of character to be disciplined and time-conscious when work is at hand. For sure, your bosses will notice the efforts you are putting in. This must not be a daily routine though because you will be termed as workaholic. The point here is IF YOU HAVE AN URGENT MATTER FOR THE DAY. Is that understood?

Tip #6
When there is nothing urgent to do for the day but you still have to work, do the most difficult job first. For example, you are a writer and you have 5 topics to do for this day. Do the hardest topic first and get rid of all the tension. Just be done with it! The light topics, those you think you can do real quick, must be saved for last. Keep this type of character so you can finish your work on time.

Tip #7
If you have a task which will take you less than 10 minutes of your time, then, there is no need to put it on your to-do list. Do it now, do it fast and get over with it. If it takes longer than 10 minutes, write it down and delegate your work for the day following the urgent and important factor.

Tip #8
There are times when you need to focus and concentrate. Do not hesitate to find a way on how you can be productive. If you need alone time just so you can do your work quickly and effectively, lock yourself inside your office or put up a DO NOT DISTURB sign on your cubicle. This way people will know that you are doing something important and urgent and that you have to keep your attention in full force at that particular time.

Tip #9
Officemates can sometimes be so insensitive. You are time-pressured and here comes your supervisor who wants to chat about her latest boyfriend and who slept with who at the accounting department. She is your superior but how do you break the gossiping moment so that you can work? Smile at her and tell her kindly that you have a deadline for today and if you cannot finish on time, you will be screwed. Just say it bluntly. Then go back to work.

Tip #10
When the day is over, go back to your list and see if you have done everything accordingly. If you have, reward yourself with a treat like a long bubble bath with a good book, a warm cup of tea at this new coffee shop or a mug of beer at happy hour. These fun stuff to do after work can be your driving force to finish everything as scheduled. The reward will be so much sweeter if the to-do list is emptied for the day. Remember, no fun if no work done!

So here are 10 tips that you can apply so that you can save precious time at work. People who succeed are those who know how to use their time wisely. And if you want to be a successful person at work, treat time as if there is no tomorrow. Do whatever you can do today and always stay positive when work is concerned.

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