3 Places you Must Absolutely Visit in Santorini


Visit Santorini’s ideal beaches

It’s difficult to do a clear-cut overview concerning Santorini without pointing out the most effective beaches of the island.

If you wish to swim in Santorini, some of the most famous beaches are:

  • The coastlines of Perissa, Perivolos and Agios Georgios: huge black sand coastlines with snacks and also taverns
  • Kamari Beach, another large black sand coastline, where you can rent deckchairs and also appreciate lots of maritime tasks.
  • The Red Coastline, called after the volcanic ochre high cliffs bordering it. You can get there in just 5 minutes by a trail.
  • The White Beach, appropriate alongside the Red Beach. You will require take a boat to get there.
  • Vlihada Beach as well as its white rocks.
  • Monilithos Coastline, suitable with children with its shallow waters.
  • Kolumbo Beach, only available by foot, as well as often visited by nudists.

Visit Santorini’s ideal little fishing town

Amoudi Bay is a little fishing town located below Oia. You can get there walking down the 300 actions staircase beginning with Oia. You can also drive there, but if you do, don’t go to the end of the road, as it’s challenging to reverse. Just park your auto along the roadway and also finish walking.

From Amoudi, the view of the ochre cliffs and Oia is truly lovely. There are additionally a few nice taverns as well as restaurants on the beach-front. It’s perfect if you like fresh fishes! As well as, if you wish to take a dip in the sea, comply with the path after the restaurants. You will certainly locate a wonderful area to swim and study the water.

Visit the famous vineyards of Santorini

Red wine tours are among the most popular visits in Santorini. The island is renowned for its outstanding white wine, referred to as some of the very best in Greece.

You can check out numerous vineyards (known for being the earliest in the world!) on the island, as well as taste the best white wines.

Below is the program of the most ideal Santorini Private Tour and Food Experience in Santorini:

A glass of wine sampling Santorini tour in Santorini lasts around 2 hours as well as allows you to visit numerous vineyards. Throughout your day, you will visit 3 vineyards:

  • Boutari vineyard
  • Gavalas standard vineyard
  • The Estate Argyros

You will also taste a lots of Santorini’s ideal red wines, consisting of the standard Vinsanto as well as Nykteri!

These Santorini private guided tours consist of tiny teams of 8 individuals maximum, making this semi-private seem truly delightful.

Do not forget to visit Akrotiri

If you’re interested in Santorini’s Background, the ancient museum of Akrotiri is one of the island’s finest place to go to.

This historical site is commonly compared to Pompeii, in Italy. Akrotiri is an ancient Minoan city destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1,613 B.C. It was just discovered in 1967 during a historical excavation. The website is among one of the most important in the Aegean Sea.

The historical excavations are still on going in this huge website. Lots of remains are probably still obscure! In Akrotiri, wooden footbridges permit you to stroll in the city. There, you will certainly admire the old buildings, the streets as well as numerous porcelains.

Unlike Pompeii, the city of Akrotiri was unoccupied when the eruption occurred, as no human remains or important objects were discovered on the excavations. What happened to these people? No one knows yet if they moved somewhere else on the island, or sailed to Crete.

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