4 sure fire ways to make a powerful return to the job market

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4 Sure-fire Ways to Make a Powerful Return to the Job Market

After working at the same company for several years, most employees begin to develop a sense of security. While this can be a good thing, people should consider the fact that they might be missing out on pursuing better opportunities, or they might eventually lose their job due to the company making cuts. As a result, when people who have become overly comfortable in their current job discover they need a new job, the thought can be scary. Regardless of the reason behind looking for a new job, there are several things people should know about getting back into the job market. 

4 sure fire ways to make a powerful return to the job market

Resume Polishing

Ideally, employees should update their resume on a regular basis, so they can have one that is up-to-date if they need to find a new employer. However, those who have failed to do so need to start making updates as soon as possible. A resume that is not updated will only inform employers of academic achievements, and companies get plenty of resumes from fresh graduates. As a result, someone who has professional experience may get overlooked if the hiring party does not see any professional experience on the resume. A business professional should also have better references than a fresh graduate who can only provide their professors and part-time supervisors as references.

Think about what’s been happening in the last few years? Social media and the rest of the internet have become so important to the workforce. Let your potential employer know if you are a social media whiz, maybe they need a staff member who can spend a few hours a week making the companies internet image a bit better.


Dressing appropriately for a job interview is something that should come fairly natural to most people, but many people still fail to do so. If a candidate has the opportunity, they should personally visit the company before applying to get an idea of what the current employees are wearing. Applicants should always dress up at least as nice as the current employees, and it would not hurt to dress a little nicer. For example, if the employees wear slacks and a polo shirt, it would not hurt to wear dress pants with a shirt and a tie.

Remember to dress for the job, if you’re trying to get work at a fashion magazine, you may be in for a bit of shopping beforehand. Perhaps you’re going for an interview at a hip, young multimedia company, you may want to dress down a bit.

Interview Skills

People should also polish their interview skills before making a return to the job market. There is tons of information available in regards to the questions that interviewers might ask. People can setup mock interviews with a friend or family member and have them ask these questions. Some communities even offer programs that offer mock interviews. The one other thing that everyone should know about the interviewing process is that it should not be one sided. Many employee candidates are afraid to question the person interviewing them out of fear they will not get the job. However, hiring managers will admit that they like being asked questions because it shows that the candidate has confidence and is responsible.

Think about the kind of job you’re going for and try role playing with a friend. It may sound silly, but it works. If you’re trying to land a job at a top IT firm, you should get your friend to ask you some challenging technical questions, so that you can keep your cool during the real thing.

Researching the Company

Finally, people should ensure that they do their homework on any company they would like to work for. It is a good idea to study the information on the company’s website to determine what exactly they do. In addition, if the organization works with other companies, people should know what some of the companies are. By presenting this information during an interview, the employer will be amazed that the candidate already knows quite a bit about the company. Furthermore, the research will lead the employer to believe that the person they are hiring is not someone who is just out looking for any job they can get.

There should be an abundance of information on Google for the company you’re looking for. If not, you might want to try LinkedIn or Facebook. If it’s a company selling a product, it helps to get their catalogues and research what they’re selling, familiarise yourself with the products in question.

Getting back into the job market can be an exciting process, but it can also be very frightening to some people. People in this position should polish their resume, have a good appearance, practice their interviewing skills and research various companies. By following these procedures, people will likely have a successful return to the job market.
Author’s Bio: This has been a guest post from Australia’s How to Get a Job website, offering a program that can get job seekers back into the game.
Image credited to cpexecutive.com

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