4 things to do in a disaster

4 Things To Do In A Disaster

A disaster does not usually come with advance warnings for making preparations. When natural disasters occur, they have a tendency to wipe out basic necessities and it is also highly probable that relief may not come early or in some cases may not come at all. Therefore, it is very important that disaster management measures are never let down in any case.

A disaster can be natural and it can also be manmade.

Some natural disasters come with a warning and some don’t. Manmade disasters may also not have any form of warning before they occur. It is important that people do not rely on emergency services to come to the rescue. In the case of a large scale disaster, emergency services and relief services can also be severely affected and you may be left stranded without any possible help. It is therefore very important to know what kind of preparation needs to be made in case of a disaster. Making preparations beforehand is of the highest order of importance as it can turn out to be the difference between life and death.

Ask the right questions before coming face to face with them as problems

A lot of questions need to be answered in order to say that disaster preparation is adequate. It is important to identify critical assets that can come in use in case of an emergency. Without bare essentials like food, and water among others, it may not be possible for you to survive for long. It is also likely that during a disaster that stores and shops may run out of stock quickly as people do stack up on supplies earnestly and sometimes this can cause a massive panic. Supplies can also be affected and even stores can empty out of their stock quickly. Hence it is important to identify such critical assets beforehand and keep them in stock.

Advance preparations for sustaining normal life are important

The importance of stocking up on food and water can’t be stressed upon enough. It is important to have at least a few days worth of food and water stored in all cases, disaster or not. Relief operations may not be able to provide food for everyone who is affected by a disaster. It has often been seen in the past that relief operations which are done with great dedication and effort fall short in case of a large scale disaster as there is never really a perfect head count in such cases.

When it comes to food, it is important to know which ones to store as it is an exhaustible resource that can easily be damaged by many factors.

Many instances of food going bad are easily seen during a disaster because the wrong type of food items were kept in stock. It is important to identify foods that can be stored for a greater length of time without the possibility of them going bad. This can be the key element in survival and is definitely a key part of disaster preparation. Simply stacking up on food is no good, making informed choices on what foods can last the test of time is important.

Packaged and canned foods in this case come in very handy as they have a long shelf life as compared to non packaged foods. Even processed foods come in handy as they can be stored for a higher length of time without risking spoilage. It is also important to ensure proper packaging materials are used else it will end up in a disaster in itself.

Water is comparatively easier to store as compared to food. It is also possible to use water purification techniques to clean standing water and use it for drinking purposes. There are a lot of simple water purification techniques that can easily be used during such a time. Drinking contaminated water can cause the situation to easily worsen beyond control. It is the last thing that anyone needs when disaster strikes.

Proper precautions when storing processed food items

One of the worst things that can happen with emergency food supplies is that they can make you ill if they are not preserved in a proper way. Putting you and your family at risk by stocking up on low quality foods or foods that are nearing their expiration date is one of the worst mistakes that you can make on your way to disaster preparation. One very common thing that happens during disasters is that the prices soar. So if you are planning to rely on money to help you out during a disaster then you had better prepare yourself for the worst. There are clear examples in the past of hyperinflation taking over during disasters and we should make an effort to learn from these examples.

What should you prepare that is beyond food

Other than food and water there are a lot of environmental preparations that can be made in case of a disaster. We live in a world that depends on some form of energy at all times. Although electrical power may be a luxury during such times, you can store small sources of electrical power with you just in case. Gas is also an important entity when it comes to a disaster so make sure that your car has adequate amounts just in case. Simple things like a wind generator can also turn out to be a great asset in such cases. a lot of alternative sources of electric power exist and it may be an investment that can end up saving your life.

Disaster preparation is no rocket science but it does need a lot of information on your part. Keeping yourself well informed can be the key to your survival in case of a disaster. A good survival guide will help you gain important impetus on your way to disaster preparation. In a world where information has become an asset as well as a power, it is important that you equip yourself in the best way possible.

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4 things to do in a disaster

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4 things to do in a disaster

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