4 ways to engage teaching with interactive aids

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4 Ways to Engage Teaching with Interactive Aids

The modern classroom has progressed beyond recognition and that is benefitting pupils on an immeasurable scale. There was a time when chalk marks from previous lessons and poorly focussed overhead projectors where a daily hindrance to delivering a well thought out lesson plan. Now, with high definition smart boards, the world of teaching is an enjoyable and interactive experience. Outside of the classroom, students spend less time actually writing than ever in our past and they are more comfortable using the internet for their coursework. The excuse of the dog ate my paper, has been replaced with I forgot to upload it to the cloud. Today, homework projects are more dependent on the ability to demonstrate to a classroom, work that has been completed using a computer.

4 ways to engage teaching with interactive aids

Displays of Skill

When students demonstrate their research, findings and their report, they are much more comfortable standing in front of a well-designed template from PowerPoint, tapping a smart board to move to the next slides. Modern learning environments are data friendly places. Many have network cabling installed in wall plates and desktop systems connected to high definition displays via HDMI. It does not matter if your students sit at the back or front of the room; classrooms no longer have limitations when trying to convey information.

Saving Time and Ensuring Quality

A white board is more likely to be connected to the internet than it is likely to require a cloth to wipe it after every presentation. As a teaching aid, an internet smart board or white board is like nothing we have had to teach students with in the past. Online, there are a million and one sites for almost every subject and this means we have instant lesson planning laid out before us. Our teachers never need to spend three hours in the evening planning the next day’s topics, because all they need to do is to explain the principles delivered through the interactive displays. Marking is also a redundant exercise because a test, or assignment can be complete by students online and a screenshot of the results emailed as sufficient proof of competence.

Bespoke Software Aids Collaboration

There are software applications that have sprung up over recent years that offer online libraries to share lesson plans, learning resources and anything that used through a smart board. This software can be used as a local authority resource, a national resource or as something that is set up through the various education boards to deliver curriculum relevant material that encourages better results.

Chalk this One up to Experience

One of the most requested classroom requirements in the modern age is the humble Ethernet cable. Where the class students may use their own devices for connection to college or school Wi-Fi, their downloading ability is hampered by the many connections to the router. Where Ethernet is available, they are constantly being unplugged from the desktop system and connected to student laptops. Unfortunately, a lack of care and handling with Ethernet cables often results in many more ordered than there are devices on the network, but the low cost of network cabling means that there is not much difference between running costs now compared to the chalkboards of the past.

Author’s bio: Tech blogger Roger Hinerfield loves blogging on all things electrical. For quality Ethernet, USB and HDMI cables and projector wall plates, he recommends EuroNetwork, the cabling experts.

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