4 ways you can look smarter than you really are

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4 Ways You Can Look Smarter Than You Really Are

Do you feel that you’re not any better than the rest? Do you think you’ll never have the edge to rise above the crowd? Do not worry. If you feel inferior and you think you really cannot compete with the rest, do not lose heart. There is something in stored for you to hype up your image and make you look and feel like you are really smart! Because what other people think of you really matters, let’s all start with how you look. It’s been said many times over that first impressions last. So, you want to leave that lasting remark that you are really wise and smart! To help you achieve that, here are some tips to make you look smarter than you are.

4 ways you can look smarter than you really are

Talk More

“Studies suggest that individuals who stand up and speak more in front of a group of people are considered more effective in bringing a team or organization to success. You think they’re smart? Not really. In fact, not everything that comes out of their mouth maybe true and they may not be right all the time. One thing is for sure, though, talkative people are deemed smarter by others, and so they become the dominant force in the group. That is why, they are always sought for their ideas, even if what they have isn’t that bright or innovative. If you are this type of person, chances are, you are perceived as the leader. People who always talk their mind out become a huge asset to the organization, thus, their position becomes more profound.”

Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses doesn’t mean you’re nerd or weird. It’s just that a person who wears glasses tends to add a sense of wisdom to his image. So grab a pair of cheapest, weakest pair of reading glasses. Wear them on your way to work or school and you’ll look smarter more than you can imagine.

Cite your Resources

How do you make sure that what you’re talking about is reliable, let alone true? Cite your source! Referencing is very powerful in turning every word that comes out of your mouth from plain statements to valuable information. By and by, people will see you as an expert on everything and you will eventually become this person who seems to know-it-all, not just someone who keeps on talking nonsense.

Ask Questions

Intelligent people, or at least those who want to look like, keep on asking questions. When you keep on asking, it only means that your mind is working and it’s working to grow more. This is way better compared to showing off how much you know what. According to experts, inquisitive people are very teachable. They welcome chances and new ideas. And that what makes them wise over the years.

About the author – Manilyn Moreno is a writer and caterer. She writes various articles on topics such as career, healthy lifestyle, wellness, cooking recipes, and traveling. She is also a contributing author at  http://www.bettercater.com/  where she shares catering tips and cooking recipes. 

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