5 highly anticipated financial apps in iphone 5

5 Highly Anticipated Financial Apps in iPhone 5

There are tons of financial apps for iPhone 5 which can be used for various purposes such as accounting, banking, budgeting and so on. There are many benefits of using financial apps that are inbuilt in the upcoming iPhone 5. Different financial apps provide information about various financing options and your eligibility to acquire various types of loans such as- mortgage, personal, payday loans, etc.

5 highly anticipated financial apps in iphone 5App 1: Minibooks

This app is one of the free accounting tools that help small businesses to perform numerous transaction calculations. It helps businesses to maintain their accounts. It provides an opportunity to search clients, send invoices and stay in contact with them. Features associated with Minibooks app are:

  • Application supports contact with your clients
  • Invoice conversion
  • Timer with a single tap
  • Multiple timers
  • Edit payments, clients

App 2:Receipt Catcher

This iPhone app is a good way to access and store your receipts such as month, tax receipts, different categories etc. It is very easy to work with this app, it provides three options- Capture photo, view receipt and export this receipt each month. This app is great in taking photos of your receipt and sorts them depending on category, vendor, and date. Features associated with this app are:

  • Grid option to line up your receipts
  • Set date on receipts
  • You can export into PDF format
  • Email this information into other services

App 3: Share Price

This mobile app enables you to read news on your company, get a portfolio up to 50 stocks, helps you to participate in your company’s forum. This app is very useful to get alerts on stocks, push notifications on any key changes. This is the financial app available to UK investors, giving real-time access to the entire London stock exchange, stock markets, commodity indices, etc. Features associated with this app are:

  • You can set an alert option to know recent notifications
  • Application covers major market indicators
  • Home screen widget

App 4: Target

This app helps you to stay organised with target lists; there are many ways to save money using this app. This mobile application helps you to shop smart by providing alerts on exclusive deals for your Target store. Features associated with this app are:

  • Weekly deals
  • Helps you to find local stores
  • Barcode scanner helps you to check prices
  • Coupons

App 5: KeyBank

This app helps you to take control of your money and it is the mobile portal to the KeyBank version. You can transfer funds from anywhere at any time. This app is designed to pay bills quick; you can even deposit checks with it. Features associated with this app are:

  • You can view your account balances
  • View transaction history
  • Helps you to locate your bank or ATM centre
  • Your account details are secured
  • Edit schedule bill payments

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5 highly anticipated financial apps in iphone 5

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