5 organic ways to ward off mice

5 Organic Ways to Ward off Mice

Mice can be a problem for many households. They not only can be annoying and startling at times, but can also be hazardous to one’s help. Mice leave droppings almost everywhere, and thus can cause sickness and less-than-healthy environments. It would be nice if there were a way to ward them away before they ever showed up. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible outside of keeping your house generally clean and well kept. Once mice are in your house, it can be difficult to rid yourself of them for good. Still, there are options. For those who do not wish to harm the little creatures, but still want them to find a new home away from your own, there are naturally alternatives from killing them.

Peppermint Oil

The smell of peppermint oil is simply too strong for the little animals. Consider the last time you smelled peppermint. Better yet, consider the last time you had a strong piece of peppermint candy or gum. Even humans can find the smell and taste of peppermint very abrasive. Now consider what it can do to the sensitive nasal cavities of the common mouse. Dousing cotton balls in peppermint oil and placing them at the entry points you believe mice to be entering will ward them off. You will likely need to replace the balls every 3-4 days with fresh ones. However, the strength of the sent is likely to keep the mice looking for a better place to frequent.


The cloves of garlic work much as the peppermint oil does. Garlic is a highly potent smell that the mice generally do not enjoy. More importantly, they also cannot stand to eat anything that is near or contains the garlic itself. Utilizing garlic in foods the mice have previously found their way into will give them a rude surprise on their return. You can place chopped garlic near the entrances where mice enter. You can also make a garlic spray that you can sprits into the same entranceways. Be forewarned that this does cause the house to smell of garlic. Thus, if the smell is something you personally do not like, the concept of using garlic is a bit silly.

Steel Wool or Sealant

Mice will quickly move on if they attempt to bite through steel wool that has been stuffed into entrances. Just like any animal, a mouse is less likely to keep hanging around an area that hurts them. Thus, by strategically placing steel wool at entrances, you will likely ward off the unwanted guests. If you do not want to hurt the mice, then simply sealing the entrances you think they are utilizing may be the best bet. Look for crevices and in-paths that the animals may be using to access your home and seal them with items like scuba pads. If at all possible, caulk the openings shut completely.

Predator Droppings

The use of snake or cat droppings can scare away mice. The little guys certainly know who their predators are. They are also aware of what can happen to them if they are caught by one. Luckily for homeowners, mice are not smart enough to know whether or not the predator is actually present at the home. Thus, by placing fresh snake or cat droppings at entranceways that the mice are using, you can likely scare them off. You can get snake droppings from a pet store. If you know someone with a snake, you can also use his or her pet. For cat droppings, you can use used kitty litter. Although, if you concern is hygiene then you have a double-edged sword. While you may be removing the mouse droppings, you have added other, possibly more toxic droppings.

A Cat

Yes, it does seem odd to put a cat underneath the title of “organic.” However, it is a non-processed manner of removing the little varmints. Strictly speaking, there is probably no better way to remove mice other than the use of traps and poisons. Since you are opting to stay away from such usage, the cat is the most worthwhile attempt to remove the mice. To be fair, as long as you are not allergic to cats, they are also great pets to have around the house. If you are simply not interested in owning a cat, perhaps you can entice one of your friends to allow you to “cat-sit” for a little while. If you can keep a cat around for 2-3 weeks, it will certainly be noticed by the mice. Whether the litter box or the presence of the cat does the trick, you can be sure one way or another, the mice will notice. Cats are natural hunters. They are also naturally inquisitive, which means they will find the places that mice like to enter and hide.

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5 organic ways to ward off mice

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