5 things women wish men knew 2

5 Things Women Wish Men Know

The fairer sex is hard to understand? Men are simply not ‘sensitive’ enough? Men and women attribute different significance to particular actions and attitudes? Whatever the cause may be, we cannot deny that there are some things that women wish men would know. In this article, I will be listing the Top 5 Things Women Wish Men Know. Read on; it may just help transform your relationship with your partner/wife from standard or subpar to flourishing in a matter of weeks.

#1 Be Sincere

I think men can sometimes have a hard time being sincere, even when it comes to things that they genuinely care about. Perhaps it is a defense mechanism to avoid showing emotion, or it is something that society has taught them to do. Showing sincerity never seems to be an easy task for men. Being able to do and say things with overt sincerity and “vulnerability” can show your partner or wife that you are not just going through the motions in any particular action, and this can win you major points with her. Being sincere does not mean having to be overly dramatic or emotional. Instead, what being sincere means is acting with conviction, poise, eye contact, and a caring yet commanding tone. Whether it is something grand like a proposal, or as small as a professing of your love, when the act is done with true sincerity it can melt any woman’s heart.

#2 You Don’t Have to Know Everything

One of the most common missteps with men is the feeling that they need to know every answer to every problem. This mentality can get men in a lot of trouble with their respective partners. A woman likes a man that is knowledgeable, and can certainly appreciate a man who is helpful and handy; however, being a know-it-all is a great way to get your partner to lose interest over time. There are also times when women are venting, or concerned about a particular problem they are trying to solve, and as men we feel we have an immediate solution. This is a foolhardy and oft taken overstep. Bottom line, knowing everything is both obnoxious and quite impossible to begin with. Be comfortable in letting her know things, figure things out, and challenge you with concepts and ideas when in conversation.

#3 Notice the Little Things

Men tend to not be detail oriented when it comes to esthetics and visual items. It is a well-known scientific fact that women actually have a higher range of color perception and texture perception. Because of these shortcomings, men will sometimes overlook items that are important to their partner. This most commonly occurs when she buys a new dress, shoes, earrings, or necklace. While no man is being asked to notice every single item his significant other picks up or dawns on occasions, it is important to make an effort to notice. Another time this occurs is when she arranges items in the house. Men sometimes simply do not seem to notice sometimes, and finding a way to take the time to notice these things can be of huge benefit. It shows you are an active participant in her life. When you do show that you notice changes, new items, or altered items, attempt to be specific in what it is about them you notice. For instance, if she is wearing a new necklace she bought, do not simply state that you see it and like it. Let her know why you like it. Let her know it extenuates the beauty of her neckline, or the color of it bring attention to her eye color. These small gestures of being present in the relationship show her in a small but meaningful way that you care.

#4 Make Specific Time for Her

We all have busy lives and men are no different from women in this regard. However, women generally will take a little extra time to make a focused effort to give their men attention. Men, on the other hand, sometimes find it difficult to remember to give their women pointed and direct attention. The reason giving her some time with direct and focused attention is that it validates her importance to her. If a man fails to do this, then his partner or wife may begin to feel unimportant or taken for granted. Usually, this is not something men mean to do, and instead we are lulled into it over time. The best way to avoid this from happening is to plan time that is specifically for her. Remember that the time you plan does not have to be all day or for an entire weekend. It can be as simple as sitting down for an uninterrupted chat (with no TV or computer present). It can even be during a dinner that you have prepared for the two of you. It can even be in the morning, the moment you two awake. No matter what the time, make sure it is without distraction and is focused on her as a person. Remember that sincerity is key.

#5 Remember to Remain Confident but Open

It is not easy to explain, but confidence means a lot to women regarding their respective man. A man who can keep his head up no matter who goes on around him is something women desire. At the same time, a man cannot be closed off and distant or rude. It can be difficult to remember at times, but while a woman does enjoy a man who can open up emotionally, he must often remain confident and collected. This shows someone who she can rely upon and trust to succeed when push comes to shove.

There is no substitution for a man with confidence, sincerity, and time to give to his woman. By keeping these concepts close to heart, any man can find his relationship improving for the better, now that he has the secrets all women desire men to know.

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5 things women wish men knew 2

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