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5 Tips to Come Across as 100 Percent Credible to Everyone

When you are dealing with people, one of the most important skills is to establish credibility. Think of all the people you have ever met and consider those who you knew you could trust. Try to visualize what it was that made it so easy to trust. What was it about the way that they talked or presented themselves that made it easy to trust? Do not be surprised if you are having a hard time coming up with a solid list of reasons, either. Coming across as credible is a very subtle art, and not everyone knows he or she is expressing the right or wrong skills to garner their credibility. There is no magic-bullet method to cultivating credibility, the best we can do is notice these subtle queues. What you do not do can be as important as what you do express. If you want to be credible, there are some basic ways you can look, speak, and act, to assure others feel comfortable trusting what you say.

Eye Contact

Keeping good eye contact is a great way to let others know that you are to be trusted. The old saying “the eyes are the window to the soul” bares some keeping in mind.  Those who are trying to get away with something are often “shifty” in their eye contact and tend to not look directly into the eyes of others. Not being able to keep eye contact is also something a child does. People do not find children to be credible or trustworthy. The idea of children conjures up the idea of lacking power as well as attempts to sneak, play games, and lie to get away with things. Proper eye contact can make you look more powerful and more confident. Confidence produces credibility in the minds of many persons whether they are aware of it or not.

Keep Control of Your Hands

Touching your face is often perceived as a lack of assuredness.  Whether or not you are touching your face because you are nervous, shy, or just itchy, touching your face can be seen as a sign of someone not to trust.  Moving your hands around often can also be the sign of nervousness, and thus untrustworthy. It is not always that people are literally watching you touch your face, and then decide they cannot have confidence in what you say. Instead, it is a subliminal response to your own subliminal actions. We are always looking for signs that someone can or cannot be trusted. Think of those who use their hands often. The first hobby/career that comes to mind should be a magician. This career is based solely on misdirection and lying. So when speaking to people, attempt to keep your arms naturally loose and underutilized. There is no need to staple them to your sides, but not moving them too often is advisable. If you are someone who generally likes to talk with your hands, try putting a drink, book, or other object in your hands.

Don’t Fidget

Most people who are guilty of something tend to fidget. Detectives can often spot a liar by the way they move their hands, shift their weight, and generally cannot sit still. The general thought behind this is that those who have nothing to hide are not intimidated, and thus do not fidget. Of course, we all know someone who fidgets a bit, regardless of his or her credibility. Perhaps that person is you. If this is the case, the idea is not that you have to stand perfectly still at all times. Instead, it is that you simply have to not let fidgeting be so noticeable that it detracts from your conversation. Just like with overt hand motion, people subliminally do not trust fidgeting. To find ways around fidgeting, attempt to use your ability to create good eye contact to calm yourself. When you are focusing on making eye contact and keeping it, you will often not fidget as much.

Speak Clearly and Steadily

Speaking with a clear and confident voice will immediately lend credibility to whatever it is you are talking about. While there are those who can get away with being scattered, inconsistent, sporadic, and non-standard speakers, they are often also already credible sources. In a new or unestablished environment, it is difficult to cultivate confidence in what you have to say if you cannot voice your stance clearly. Try to always speak at a pace of around two-and-a-half to three words per second average is a steady pace. Most people will hear this pace as natural and confident. When you sound both natural and confident, then your credibility is heightened. Remember to never let your sentences fall-off. You should not let yourself mumble the ending to a statement or bumble the ending. Always end strong and with confidence. This shows the listener that you are confident in what you are saying.

Know Yourself

Finally, perhaps the most important concept is to be confident in your own credibility. Know when you can break or bend the standard rules that apply. If you are naturally as fidgety and stammering as Woody Allen, it may be best not to try and force yourself to stand straight, speak slowly, and keep eye contact. Most of us capable of utilizing some of these tricks to establishing credibility; however, there is likely at least one rule that simply will not jive with you well. Do not spend too much time trying to force yourself into the act. Instead, meld it to your own personality. Meet the rule halfway if you must. It is always best to try to the tricks and tips first in less formal settings and then tailor them to your liking.

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