5 ways to rekindle my passion with her

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5 Ways to Rekindle Passion With Your Wife

Many couples will never admit it but familiarity destroys the passion in a marriage. Sometimes, after the wife gives birth, the man loses interest in her because of her shapeless body and motherly-obsessed ways. Other times, the husband turns into a farting machine and sits in front of the TV and forgets to be helpful at home. Each day, these familiar tactics burns a hole in each other’s being. If not salvaged, one day, the wife and husband will realize: Why am I married to this person???!!!

Sounds familiar?

It is a sad fact. Every married couple experiences a cold season wherein the burning passion, the spark and the chemistry are non-existent. The relationship becomes like winter with all snow and barren trees. Does it mean that you have lost love for your wife? Not particularly. It may because you have taken your wife for granted because you two are so familiar with each other. During the dating stage, it was okay to finish each other’s sentences but now when the kids are present, the same action can take a toll on a couple’s intimate life.

5 ways to rekindle my passion with her

You cant just let things be, can you?

You can save the marriage. After all, you do love your wife and you have a family to think of. You need to make it work for your kids’ sake. Remember this – love is the fuel of marriage. And the driving force of love is passion and intimacy. You must be willing to put in a lot of work.

 Let me share some ways which you can rekindle the passion with your wife.

1. Small acts of showing care and love can make your night heated – with love- on closed doors. (If you get the meaning…)

Sexual intimacy must be ignited. Constantly. There may be different factors affecting this. But the bottom line is, the moment you lose interest, the sexual passion is as good as “dead”. But ha, when you married your wife, you promised in your wedding vow that it was TIL DEATH DO US PART. Which means you must try. Keep trying. No matter how hard it may seem. You must constantly reinvent yourself and add spontaneity into your life. It is your duty and responsibility as a husband. Start with something small, like giving flowers for no particular reason, buying her a lovely scented hand cream (because washing dishes can be drying to her delicate hands), can make your cold night extremely hot.

2. Kiss your wife every single day for at least 10 seconds

Every wife wants to be swept off her feet and kissing passionately can make her day. Now, you know it; be Don Juan de Marco and kiss her! Surprise your wife every day before you two part for work or for your daily routine. Kiss her on the lips with intent and hug her with all your heart. If you are not the romantic type, then, you have to be! It is your duty to honor your wife above yourself and make her feel like she is the only woman for you. Kissing is very intimate that only you and her can share. It does not have to be french but you can lead to it at night if you like. Make your day more exciting by starting it with a kiss. It is not that hard to do.

3. Give her at least 10 minutes of your time every single day of week just to talk about the two of you

Women are emotional talkers. They want to connect with you on that level. So why not indulge her? Not the kids, not about work or your business, not about family matters and especially money… Just talk`about the things that you two love – how the day went on, what happened to you, what made you laugh or get angry and the likes. It is just 10 minutes. You have 30-minute lunch breaks at the office. It is hard to give your wife 10 minutes every day just to re-connect? Do it and you will see a happier wife.

4. Date night is something your wife looks forward too

So tell her that you two must have a date night every week. You have to dress up or dress down, depending upon where you will go, and be with each other for at least two hours. You must leave excess baggage at home and have fun outside, just the 4wo of you. If you are clueless as to where you can bring her, how about the movies? You can also bring her to your college hang out, for memory’s sake. You can take her to the theater if she loves it. Some women love museum, art appreciation, the carnival and many more! It does not have to be expensive. The fact that you are giving her a significant amount of time once a week just to enjoy each other outside your house is a very big deal for her. Make sure that when you go home, you will be REWARDED though. Light the fire!

5. It may sound mechanical, but scheduling a “sexual intimacy” night works wonders.

You are busy with work 6 days a week and you need a release. Your wife is busy with the kids all the time, every day and she needs a release. So, schedule a night where you and your wife can get intimate.

Send the kids to the grannies or hire a sitter. You can check in a hotel or motel. Or you can shower flower petals, light perfumed candles and dim the bulb in your room once a week. Do not forget the wine and some cheese. All it takes is one night each week to be physical. It will work wonders for your cold relationship. This has been proven. In the long run, it will not be a once a week activity (the physical part) and you will greatly love that!

It it Worth it?

You have passed through a lot with your wife while you were still courting her, right? And in the end, you gave her a rock and got down on one knee to ask her hand for marriage. That was romantic. Why not continue that being romantic so that your relationship will keep on prospering day after day?

5 ways to rekindle my passion with herIt is very well worth it, to show love to your wife. With that, you are also teaching your children that your spouse is valued by you and that they have to do the same when they grow up and have a family of their own. Light the candle, keep the fire burning and shield it from the wind – it is great work but that is married life. If you want to reach 50 years together, as a husband, that is what you need to do.

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