6 ways to know if your girl is marriage material

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6 Ways to Know If Your Girl Is Marriage Material

Knowing whether or not your special lady is the person you should marry is not an easy decision to make. If you are already considering marriage, then you at least know that you love her; however, just loving someone does not always mean that you should marry him or her outright. Certain aspects must be taken into consideration before you make that giant leap from long-term relationship into legal partner for life. Knowing what it is you are looking for in a life-long partner and what attitudes, actions, and mentalities to avoid is important to make sure that you are able to enjoy a long and healthy relationship with the woman of your dreams.

6 ways to know if your girl is marriage material# 1 – Support

Likely, the most important thing to consider with your probable partner is whether or not she is able to support you. This support goes beyond financial or materialistic support. While financial / materialistic support may be important depending upon where you live, support in a marriage must go much deeper. Within marriage, your partner is not only possibly helping with paying bills through income, but also someone who must be capable of managing all aspects of the relationship with you. This means payments plans, insurance policies that you share, as well as must be able to make time for you, your children, and all the things you must tackle in life as a couple. Support in a marriage means financial, moral, and emotional support. If you have any concerns about your current partner being able to fulfill these duties, then it may be best to wait until you are sure.

# 2- Commitment

Depending on how long your relationship has been afloat, you may have different levels of assurance that your partner can handle a life-long commitment. Some telltale signs that someone is able to commit to something of this importance are actions like having a long-term job, consistently raising pets, or perusing and accomplishing goals regularly. All of these actions can tell you that your partner is somebody who finishes what they start, no matter how long or difficult a journey is. Having a partner that has had tough times in achieving these goals can also be a bonus in letting you know that they can be relied upon to commit. Someone who has had an easy life may not to be able to handle all the challenges that occur in a marriage. On the other hand, somebody who has strived through difficulties and succeeded is someone that can be trusted to give their all in a relationship.

# 3 – Foresight

Keep in mind that someone who is ready to jump into marriage without a second thought may not be fully prepared to take on all that comes with such an important relationship. Take the time to notice if your partner is generally spontaneous or if she likes to take her time and full consider all the possibilities that comes with each decision. While spontaneity is good in many aspects of life, when it comes to marriage, it is not always the best strategy. This is not to say that a spontaneous partner is a partner unfit for marriage. Instead, what it means is that if your partner is spontaneous then it takes more effort from you to plan things. If you are not prepared to be the captain that guides the ship through good weather and storms alike, then a spontaneous partner may not be the best bride for you.

# 4 – Logistical Compatibility

While the words are complicated, the idea is simple: Is the person that you are trying to marry someone that you can live with? This is something to consider from everything from the large to the small considerations. For instance, if you are a firefighter in training who may need to be gone for long periods of time, and your partner is someone that would need you to be around a majority of time during the year, and then marriage is not the most logistically sound idea. Because of your two different lifestyles, a life-long relationship may be very difficult no matter how strong your current relationship is. You have to be capable of growing with your partner for the rest of your life once married. You cannot assume that life will remain the same way it is now, and so you must be able to see your current partner as someone who can be there no matter what life throws at you.

# 5 – Similar Goals

On a note similar to the previous paragraph, you may want to take time to consider if you and your partner want to go in the same direction in life. It is important that you have a candid and straightforward conversation with your partner to ascertain whether or not your life goals are capable of being parallel to one another. If they are not, then marriage should be put on hold until you can decide if and what goals should be altered to allow marriage to be a viable possibility.

#6 – Rationale for Marriage

Perhaps the most important thing to do is not become swept up in the idea of marriage when you first begin to consider it. Yes, marriage is a beautiful and exciting time in a person’s life. However, when we allow ourselves to be caught up in the excitement, we sometimes forget to ask whether or not it truly is the right decision. Take the time to really look at your partner for who they are. Consider all the things that have been talked about thus far in the article and assess whether or not your partner is still as desirable a bride as she was before reading it. Remember that even if the answer is no for now, that does not mean she will not be later. Being honest and finding out the answers to these questions can save you from future heartache in the future.

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