6 ways to look like a big winner wherever you go

6 (Very Easy) Ways To Look Like a Big Winner Wherever You Go

# 1 Smile and Smile Big

A big smile can give everyone the impression that you are not only happy but a capable person. Smiles are a great way to be both inviting and comforting to those around you. When it comes to first meetings, especially in group environments, smiles can help you enter into conversing groups as well as make more immediate interactions with individuals. If you enter into a conversation with a scowl or a Stonewall face, they may be less likely to engage with you. Remember that you do not need to approach either a group or individual smiling from ear-to-ear. Instead, have a slight smile or positive pre-smile (without engaging in a full-toothed grin). Let your smile grow after hearing their name and after they introduce themselves and begin to speak about themselves. This shows interest and tells the person you are impressed with them (whether or not you actually are). You do not often see winners frown. A quality smile lets everyone know that you are a winner.

# 2 Have Confident Body Language

It is important that you provide those around you with the idea that you are capable and confident, and nothing does that better than confident body language. Keep your chin up, your head held high, and your shoulders taught. Keeping your chin and head up shows that you wish to engage in dialogue and are sure of yourself when you speak. Keeping your shoulders back and broad gives you a strong look, letting others know that you are have assurance in yourself and who you are. Slouching and putting your head down is a submissive look. It is also wise to also keep from fidgeting. When one bounces their leg or is mulling their hands consistently, it can look as if they are nervous or anxious. While you do not need to stand like a statue, standing tall and stoic can give the impression that you “have it together” in any situation.

#3 Dress Like a Winner

Remember to dress according to whatever occasion you are frequenting. Make sure to know what is too much and too little for an occasion. Being overdressed shows a lack of knowledge and also looks as if one is trying far too hard to be impressive. Underdressing shows a lack of respect for an occasion and the people at said event. Always look into what the does and don’ts of any event or occasion is and make sure to ask if you are still unsure after researching. If you are someone who really does not enjoy dressing up, remember that winners often take the common look and add their own touch. Depending on your standing, you can get away with more or less of bending the rules. However, do not forget that while some comfort must be sacrificed (try not to show up in your pajamas) you do not have to sacrifice your own personality. Winners are not followers and so putting your own spin on a particular look can help you feel more confident, not matter what the occasion or situation may be.

#4 Maintain Eye Contact

A winner is someone who is always interested in something new, respects others around him or her, and wants to be involved. Maintaining eye contact can help you give the impression that you are such a person. When speaking to individuals, maintaining eye contact tells them that you are interested in what they have to say. It also tells them that they are receiving your undivided attention. Any person you are engaging in conversation with will give you more of their opinion, information, and sincere comments when they feel that you truly want to know what they have to say. Even more importantly, making eye contact shows respect, as you are giving them your time and interest despite anything else that may be going on around you. When speaking to groups, remember to make eye contact with individuals as you speak, but do not become focused on a single person for too long. At the same time, do not dart your eyes constantly, attempting to make eye contact with everyone in the group. Instead, make steady eye contact for a few seconds, and then move to the next person. This shows everyone in the group a level of respect while simultaneously maintaining their focus.

# 5 Speak When Appropriate

Along with eye contact, knowing when to talk (and more importantly when to not talk) shows that you are someone that is willing to share and also listen. Listening has become a lost art in modern times, as everyone feels the need to get his or her point across as much as possible. By knowing when to assert your point or opinion, and also knowing when it is appropriate to close your mouth and open your ears, you show both respect and sincerity. While people will surely want to hear a winner’s opinion, they are equally as interested to hear a winner’s opinions on their own ideas. As a winner, you should take the opportunities given to you and listen carefully to those around you. Try to not interject or interrupt them until they are finished with their idea or opinion. This can be severely difficult sometimes, as others may wish to wholly control the conversation. Simply remember that listening gives you an opportunity to learn, and the more information you have the more confident you are. The more confident you are, the more capable you are of speaking well on the knowledge you have attained by listening.

#6 A Comfortable (yet Commanding) Presence with Others

A winner knows how to make others feel comfortable around him/her during conversations. Whether in a group or in person, attempt to stay at an arm’s length of whomever you are speaking with at all times. Standing too close to a person means disturbing their personal space and can make them feel uncomfortable. Simultaneously make sure not to stand farther than an arm’s length away, as it makes it easier for a person to disengage from the conversation. When in groups, attempt to become part of the circle, not taking center stage and not sitting on the outskirts where not everyone can see you. Remember that as a winner, you must maintain the feel that you are part of the group, but also command the group when you wish to speak. Do this by attempting to pull the group to be facing you as you speak by slowly moving toward the center while still maintaining the shape (Do not burst the bubble).

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6 ways to look like a big winner wherever you go

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