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7 Easy Tips to Ace Your First Day of Work

You have overcome all odds to get recruited for a new job. You may feel like you are thrown back at the starting gate- which you will be. The first day of work will be a hectic one. You will be swamped with straightening out the paperwork, familiarising yourself with the new work environment, getting inducted and many more. However, amidst all these, it is important to create a good impression to people who can determine your success. The first impression does matters.

Tip 1: Dress Well For Success

As the saying goes, dress the way you want to be perceived. A well and appropriate dressing would display your professionalism and that you are serious about the job. However, you should also be comfortably dressed and not seen limping around in awkward high heels.

Every office has their appropriate dress code. You would not want to appear way too casual or overdo. To blend into the culture, you should observe how others are dressing when going for interview. If you are not sure, do approach the human resource manager in your office to ask for advice.

A firm handshake and friendly smile goes a long way. Be sure to thank everyone for their help to build good relationship for the future. You may never know who has easy access to everyone and knows the office demographics in the organisation.

Tip 2: Lay Low, Observe and Listen

Keep your ears and eyes open, with a receptive mind. The culture in every organisation differs.  It is crucial that you spend some time understanding the culture in the new organisation. Pay attention to how others profile themselves, how teams collaborate together and how others engage with clients. This would give you a sense of the engagement model and helpful when you manoeuvre around the organisation subsequently.

Every office also has their unique lunch culture.  The ritual for most office is to brown bag due to the immense workload. IF you are not sure of the lunch culture in the organisation, it is advisable to brown bag. While there is possibility of lunching with your co-workers or boss on the first day of lunch, it is hard to predict. Do also start your day with a good filling breakfast, so that you will be energised to start off the day well.

Tip 3: Ask When In Doubt, But Not Too Often

Asking questions would show that you are keen to learn more about the job and organisation. However, bear in mind not to overwhelm your boss with co-workers with questions, especially when you they are busy. To expedite on your learning, keep a notebook and jot down information.

Be proactive in offering help to your boss or co-workers. They would build relationship and show that you are a helpful colleague/staff.

Tip 4: Get Connected

Get connected with the organisation as soon as possible by setting up your e-systems (laptops, tablets, smart phones and etc). This would help you pace up with the latest news and communications within the department/organisation.

Tip 5: Take Notes

The first day of work is usually packed with meetings and introductions. You will get to meet different people with various names. Hence, invest in a good notebook and jot down their names and designations. People will feel that they are memorable enough for you to remember their names! Having a good notebook can also help in taking down burrito points.

Tip 6: Prepare yourself before the big day

Face it, bosses like to impress upon. To hold intellectual conversations, equip yourself with a good understanding of the company, your industry well as news about your industry’s competitor. You can do so by researching online about news articles, and to read up on the latest press releases. If you happen to have an impressive boss, do read up on them as well. Think through the elevator speech to pitch if you were to bump into them on the lift and “intelligent” questions to ask over lunch.

You would want to look clear-eyed, sharp and awake on the first day of work. This is especially since you would need to meet lots of new people, and be loaded with much information. Hence, having a good night rest the day before and conditioning your body to the regular hours is important. Conditioning your body would require approximately 2 weeks of waking up and sleeping at regular hours consistently. Sticking to this regimen would ensure that your internal clock gets used.

Tip 7: Be Punctual, but Not a Clock Watcher

Reaching the workplace on time would show that you are a responsible and careful worker. Hence, test route and master your route to work to ensure that you will reach early for work on your first day.

Staying late for work would show that you are not a “clock watcher” who are obsessed with leaving on the dot.

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7 easy tips to ace your first day of work

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