7 Signs of a Possessive Boyfriend (And How to Deal With Him)

7 Signs of a Possessive Boyfriend (And How to Deal With Him)

Are you in a romantic relationship with a man who appears to be a possessive boyfriend?

It's possible it feels like he’s managing you…

…he freaks out when you shell out time with other people today (in particular men)…

…or he starts off arguments when points never go his way.

And even worse, your buddies and family members are commencing to recognize. They are begging you to do something about it. This worry is taking a toll on you in other regions of your lifetime. You’re battling to meet deadlines at function. You’re ingesting far more than regular. And what is up with that bizarre rash?

You will need to determine no matter if the way your person is behaving is inside of the realm of normal actions or if it is going to carry on to have a damaging effect on your romance. If his habits just cannot be remedied, you have to have to get out.

What IS a Possessive Boyfriend?


This article will go into detail about indicators of a possessive boyfriend, but let us 1st define what a person is.

A possessive boyfriend seeks command. He wants to manipulate you into undertaking the matters he desires.  He won’t get your feelings into thought. This is generally for the reason that he is insecure and thinks, by controlling you, that he can get what he desires in his connection with you.

If your boyfriend is possessive, you require to be conscious that this conduct is unacceptable. You are not an item to be possessed. You are not a baby to be scolded for your conduct. Recognize that his insecurities do not mirror on who you are.

If his possessiveness has crossed a line by way of unwanted and stressful arguments, stalking, or even, heaven forbid, outright violence, remember to get out of this connection as quickly as achievable. You are worthy of improved.

7 Symptoms You Have a Possessive Boyfriend

If it is not instantly evident that you have a possessive boyfriend, consider a glance at these symptoms to ascertain no matter if you really should stop this connection or test to work on items.

1. He Reads Your Texts

You occur out of the rest room to obtain your boyfriend scrolling as a result of your telephone. When you ask him what he’s accomplishing, he appears to be guilty. He was hunting for proof of you texting another person.


If he just cannot belief you (and has no rationale not to), then you should not be with him. Associations are built on have confidence in.

What to say and do: You completely have to have to have a discussion about this invasion. Tell him you need him to regard your privacy, and if he feels he can not have confidence in you, then you really don't need to have to be in a connection.

2. He Hates You Investing Time With Pals

He consistently bitches about you spending time with friends—even the feminine ones! He’s jealous of the time you invest away from him, and it’s producing you crazy. Right after all, you’re a self-assured, impartial girl and you need your space.

What to say and do: Tell him if he wishes to be with you, he has to enable you to have your own independent existence. Persuade him to devote time with his personal friends or go after his possess interests. Investigate shows that 80% of couples credit rating their happy marriages to acquiring time aside from their associates. Becoming in appreciate does not have to imply shelling out each and every moment collectively!

3. He Goes Ballistic if You Talk to An additional Male

If he doesn’t like you talking to ANY person, it’s time to go away!

The UPS person. The barista at the coffee store. Even your 80-calendar year-old neighbor. It does not issue who the guy is, your boyfriend flips out if you are talking to a person.

All over again, know this is about his insecurity, not about you carrying out nearly anything erroneous.

What to say and do: BYE! This conduct is not going to adjust, and you do not need to stick close to hoping it will.

4. He “Coincidentally” Shows Up Where by You Are. Frequently.

You go away a restaurant with your co-workers and—whoa—there’s your person. Who just “happened” to be in the neighborhood.

Or when you go to fulfill an aged (male) college buddy, it just so takes place that your boyfriend is at the very similar sporting activities bar with his pal. Huh.

What to say and do: Yet again, depart. This isn’t sane conduct, and it borders on stalking.

5. He Would like All of Your Time

It doesn’t matter how considerably time you devote with this person, he constantly would like more. It’s exhausting you.

What to say and do: You have to realize that he’s likely got the nervous attachment fashion, and that means he demands constant reassurance of your love. If you can supply this reassurance, all might not be shed, but realize that he’s almost certainly in no way heading to be pleased until eventually he’s with you 24/7.

6. He Tends to make Positive Every person Is familiar with You’re “His”

possessive man
You belong to him and he wishes every person to know!

You are at a occasion with your boyfriend, chatting with some (male) good friends on your own, when you come to feel his hand snake all-around your midsection and pull you near. This does not experience like your usual PDA. It feels like he’s marking his territory, just like a dog. You never like it.

What to say and do: Convey your inner thoughts about this to him. Check with why he does it. It may possibly be that he’s unaware, and at the time you level it out, he may well be equipped to prevent the behavior. If he just can't, you should not make it possible for it to keep on.

7. He Will get Angry When Issues Don’t Go His Way

You terminate ideas with him and he blows up…

…when you tell him you never want to go to the Bahamas this spring, he ghosts you for a week…

…when you start out hanging out with a male buddy, he throws a tantrum.

You’ve in no way been with a guy that loses his temper like your possessive boyfriend does, and you are not fairly absolutely sure what to do about it.

What to say and do: His anger is an additional red flag for a poisonous connection,  and you ought to not place up with it. Speaking may perhaps not perform in this circumstance, so plan to stop points, but get your ducks in a row initially in scenario he receives violent or you or else come to feel unsafe.

What to Do with a Possessive Boyfriend

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There’s a dude being a tiny insecure…and there is entire-on nuts possessive. If you feel it is the previous, have a discussion to reassure him of your passion. Permit him know that it is crucial for you to have a life outside the house of him. Motivate him to do the same.

If it is the latter, notice you will never improve this male. You will spin in circles making an attempt to demonstrate your like for him, and it continue to won’t be enough. And you have to acknowledge the fact that there is the probable for things to go a minimal sideways.

He could aggressively stalk a male buddy of yours…

…get violent if you go from his will…

…or go all Lethal Attraction on you.

I’m hoping that doesn’t happen. But if it’s even a distant chance, it is time to transfer on.


I know you want love. You totally 100% deserve it. But owning a possessive boyfriend is not the path to a balanced and loving romance. You really do not require to be in a condition exactly where you are compelled to frequently prove your allegiance to a guy.

The suitable guy for you will permit you receive his have confidence in. He will not experience the need to have to snoop.

The right guy will be protected in recognizing you really like him, and won’t assert you as a trophy in public.

The proper gentleman will be confident enough to be glad you have buddies and passions outside the house of him, not make you really feel poor for wanting to have a life of your have.

The appropriate man is out there. You just require to get rid of the improper a person to make area for him in your daily life.

Really do not go it on your own in seeking to find and nurture a abundant, nutritious romantic relationship. My course, R.I.C.H. Interactions, will educate you exactly what to look for to know that you have found a guy who is deserving of you. 

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