7 ways to be happier at work

7 Ways to Be Happier At Work

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For you to be happier at work, you should make your work part of life and your life part of the work you are doing. Failure to do so will put you in the problem of not finding success in either of the two.

The fact is that you should aim at balancing the gap between life and work. Therefore, when you leave work at the required time, start your personal life. But while you are at work, do not allow your personal life or problems to conflict. Keep the two at par or separate if you must, but it is suggested that you stay balanced.

The bitter truth is that for the fact that work is essential to your well being, you should make your well being central to the work you are doing in addition to training your mind to be happier at work.

Be that as it may, highlighted below are seven ways to be happier at work.

Put an End to Nerve-racking 

If you want to be happier at work, stop nerve-racking as this has made some people insane or get them out of job through lack of concentration and depression. I could remember the time when I was employed newly for the first job of my life. Then, I had a girlfriend that I intended to marry as that time who was in the higher institution.

I loved this lady so much that I sent the first salary I got from my job to her in school. Imagine! This girl never acknowledged receipt not to talk of saying thank you for the money. To be sure that she received the money, I called her to confirm after months, and when I say months, you can imagine how many months that could be…three months.

This lady started playing pranks on me which affected me at work. To shorten the long story, due to worry that led to depression and lack of concentration at work, I started committing blunders that eventually cost me that job unceremoniously. I paid dearly for this single act of nerve-racking because I did not secure another job until six months later.

At the end of the whole show, I lost the lady to another man also. Can you see what nerve-racking caused me? Why are you worrying? I am not kidding; this was what happened to me personally. Learn your lesson from this personal experience of mine.

Start Leading and Stop Managing

Another way you can be happier at work is to start leading and stop managing. This implies that you need to find ways of stimulating and motivating your employees if you are part of the management team. You can do this effectively by stretching your minds.

Make your team more powerful by giving them more decision making power, more responsibility and more autonomy. It is also vital that you are inclusive. Give your employee insight to what is going on in the organization in general and give them a broader outlook on how their various jobs influence the business as a whole.

Be Exceptional In Doing Things

Boredom is part of what doesn’t make one to be happier at work as tasks are done the same way every day. Why not get your keenness back and start doing things in different ways? Attempt something you never thought you were capable of doing or take up more responsibility.

Make all efforts and try as much as possible to learn grow, learn and challenge yourself. Try a different approach to your existing responsibilities even if your responsibilities don’t allow you for much flexibility.

Request for Feedback Most Often

You can be happier at work only if you frequently ask for feedback particularly if you are positive about your performance.  If you want your boss to recognize you if you perform well, think of how you can improve and make sincere contribution.

Ask for responses from your superior even if you didn’t do well and tell him that you really like to hear the appraisal on your work from him. Extend this to your clientele too by asking them whether you are serving them well or not.

Get a Break by leaving the Work

For you to be happier at work, always observe your break. You can go outside to relax your brain for few hours or the duration of the break. This is necessary because you will not feel cooped up at work as a result of being stuck in the office. You may discover that during winter, you are arriving at work at a time when it is just getting light and leaving when it is already becoming dark.

Be Friendly With Your Contemporaries at Work

To be friendly and polite with your contemporaries at work costs you but happiness. Imagine people not even exchanging pleasantries. Hence, for you to be happier at work, always be friendly with your colleagues. If you are friendly with your contemporaries, you may well discover that they share some of your ambitions, interests, hopes and even problems if you strike up a conversation.

Opt to Be Joyful at Work

The fact is that joy is an option. If you want to be happier at work, choose to be happy. You can do this by thinking positively about your work, avoid gossip, negative people and dwell on the aspects of the work you like. Identify the colleagues you enjoy or like and spend your time with them.


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7 ways to be happier at work
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