Thanks for visiting our webpage. At HackMyModernLifestyle.com, my name is Larry Homes i am the Founder of this blog. Our mission to provide people with extraordinary smart hack advices that could enhance and living a better lifestyle. We are different from a normal self improvement blog, in that not only are we giving away smart hack advices that help in your daily chore or work.

We will also give you with our extraordinary insights and advices on harvesting your personal personal potential through Numerology, Meditations and Chakra healing.

As a Master Numerologist, i have been giving numerous readings to members of my family, colleagues and friends since I was at a very young age of 21. This is achievable because of a very special talent and gift of clairvoyance that I was born with.

I’ve been a lucid dreamer with a very strong interest in the supernatural and the esoteric sciences since i was at young. These strong interests lead me to explore and deepened my roots in the area of Meditations, Healing as well as Numerology. I was extremely fascinated with the the new set of skills that i have acquired and decided to help people around me with my Numerology readings. At the same time, guiding them how to achieve deep meditations and ways to heal themselves.

Although I have to confess that I am well-versed in the formal education sciences (in fact i have a First Class Honours Degree in Chemistry from Nanyang Technological University), I have long been on a quest to put the magic in life to practical use for myself and others.

After gaining more skills in the subject and attending peer meetings I met many well-known Astrologers, Tarologists, Numerologists, Chakra Healers and other diviners. In the following 5 years, I’ve practiced various arts of divination to help people. However, i realised in order to spread the importance of Numerology, Meditations and Healing to as many people as possible, I need to start a blog. And this is what the blog is all about.

Through this way, I am able to spread my teachings and learnings to as many people as possible. My objective is to increase touch and help the many life of others.

I am totally devoted to working with those who choose to take charge of their lives and navigate the currents of change toward well-being, prosperity and happiness. I hope to be able to do the same for all who read these words.