android vs apple which phone is a better buy

Android vs. Apple- Which Phone is a Better Buy?

Finding the right phone for you has a lot to do with your general style. Both Android and Apple phones generally come with the same specifications. What separates the two types is general interface type, and what you can link up or use with the phone. Both phone types are great for the basics as well as some exciting and entertaining bells and whistles. Each exceeds other phones like Windows phones and standard phone types.

What is the Equal?

The Android and iPhone match each other often as the race for advanced-phone supremacy carries on. Turn-by-Turn directions and 3D/Fly-Over/Aerial Mode – all are great for finding directions, figuring out your location, or mapping out a day’s plans. Each phone also comes equipped with voice command and dictation. These features allow easy-to-use hands off commands for when you are multitasking or driving.  You can also create messages and schedules with each, which makes each perfect for the busy businessperson on the go.

When it comes to basic phone activities, both phones are capable of all the necessities you could ever need. Call filtering, messaging, and basic calling are all standard and works on strong, independent company networks. Video chat has also become exceedingly easy on both phones as each company uses a 3G+Wi-Fi connection. That means you can have reliable and streaming video while chatting with whomever you choose.

What is Different?

While the Apple phones sync with other Apple products seamlessly, it can sometimes be difficult or impossible to sync them up with other computer or electronic types. It is common for Apple users to stay brand loyal, and so this may not pose much of a problem. Still, if you are a PC user, it is possible that syncing up your iPhone with your other electronic devices is not a possibility. On the other hand, Android has an easier time syncing up to third-party devices. However, the Android is also a more easily “hackable” device for those advanced users who would like specific apps and capabilities.

Android also uses third-party applications, which again means they can come from multiple sources. Apple uses all Apple applications, which can mean that some apps are not accepted. While almost all standard applications are either available or have an Apple counterpart, it can be frustrating for those who wish to have specific advanced applications.


One important note is that certain sites claim that Androids do not have a “Device Recovery” capability. That is simply not the case. Users of Androids have used Google Recovery to recover their phone’s data. There is a “Lost Mode” wherein you can recover a lost phone. Apple users will likely wish to stick with their usual product, as it will easily sync with their other Apple devices. Those who are PC users or only own one or two Apple devices, or those who are advanced users of media devices, should likely purchase an Android.

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android vs apple which phone is a better buy

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