Does Size Play a Major role in Sex?

Does Size Play a Major role in Sex?

When it comes to sex, “Am I big enough?” has simply got to be the top question men have been asking themselves in the privacy of their own minds since forever. And most of them answer the question the wrong way, because men always tend to compare themselves with other people.

This leads to doubts and questions about the size of their penises and performance adequacy. Many men go to ridiculous lengths to offset what they perceive as a shortcoming on their side. But is it really a problem?

This kind of behaviour is very common. Nearly every man asks himself the “Size Question” at some point or another in his life and since men are too afraid to ask the question directly, they never get a satisfactory answer. And so the matter drags on in their minds instead of being put to rest once and for all.

It’s a shame that some men find nothing better to do with their time and efforts than to prove to themselves and to the world that they don’t have small penises. This fear of being too small may grow to become a serious problem for some men. It’s a blight upon their confidence and it may drive them to do silly things. Men that fear of their size tend to have sex only with an athens escort or athens escorts, because these ladies do not judge big or small size.

Women are looking for other things aside from a big penis. It’s not that having 7 or 8 inches doesn’t help at all. Women like to ogle men before getting into anything serious and a sizeable bulge in the pants scores points with them.

Studies and polls have conclusively shown that women are far more interested in partners with good hygiene habits and who know how to bring them to orgasm, big penis or no big penis. Therefore penis size is nothing more than an item on the big check list for most women. Something akin to: “Penis size check – done. Now let’s move on to something even more important”.

The average penis size is 5.5 to 6 inches. And since most men are this size and still think themselves below average, it follows that men are not very good at judging their own size. If you start asking men about the size of their penises, you can be certain that most men would give themselves an extra inch or two, just to come across as really hung guys.

However, a bigger organ may look impressive, but if it’s too big to fit comfortably inside the vagina or if the owner is clueless in bed, then all those inches are wasted. And the worst part of all this is the fact that most women care more about the quality and intensity of sex and less about the size of the man’s penis.

If you’re an average-sized guy and not content with your size, there are a few tricks that can help make your penis look bigger. The actual penis size can be hidden by the pubic hair. So, if you think you could profit from this, trim your pubic hair. A simple trick is to have a hot shower before sex.

The hot water would help fill the penis with blood and make it hang heavier than normal. Or you could lose some weight. The pad of fat located at the base of the penis can grow in size along with the overall body fat and may obscure the base of the penis. Losing weight would decrease the pad and bring back the hidden inches.

Still, the easiest thing you could do is to have an honest talk with your partner and find out if your penis is adequate in size or if your partner actually cares about this. Still, be advised that, more often than not, an honest talk is likely to bring up other relationship-related issues than penis size. Penis size should be the least of your worries, since an athens escort or athens escorts do not really care about that!

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Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning

Indoor Air Quality and Air Conditioning
Indoor air quality is a huge multi billion dollar industry.  There are so many different products available that it can be very confusing in deciding which product to buy. Ionizers, Ozonators, Electrostatic, HEAP Filters, Washable Filters, Pleated Filters, Fibreglass Filters, and Duct Mounted UV Lights are just a few of the products available to the general public.

l am not a professional plumber (υδραυλικός Αθήνα) and l do not know anything about air conditioning (service air condition), but l have the basic knowledge to understand what l should do.

How do you know what will work best for you and your particular needs?

Do you have:

  1. allergy problems
  2. chronic sickness
  3. odour problems
  4. constantly battling dust
  5. all of the above

Each home has a different set of problems and therefore requires a different approach.

My Home
We purchased a 27 year old home that had a musty odour in the summer months.  It was most noticeable when we came home from a 2 or 3 day trip.  The HVAC Duct system was original to the house.  The A/C units were 10 months and 8 years old.  I decided to change out the entire system.  New ductwork and two new 16 seer Trane Package units.

As a side note we changed out all the windows at the same time with high efficiency glass. Our power bill dropped over $100/month.

The odour had decreased but you could still smell it.  Especially on the extremely hot days.  I found out that 60% of the air we breathe inside the house comes from the crawl space.

I immediately had the crawl space cleaned out of the original vapour barrier and 27 years worth of garbage.  We laid new plastic and waited for the odour to go away.  It was better but not completely gone.  So my education into the indoor air quality market had been greatly enhanced.

My research had led me to Guardian Air by


The Guardian Air is a duct mounted whole house Air Treatment System.  The company guarantees satisfaction or your money back within 90 days of install.  90 days to test drive it.  The unit has a 3 year/25,000 hour life span.  The only thing I had to loose was time so I decided to try it.  It took us less than 2 hours to install two units.

The following night we had fish for dinner.  Usually the odour lingers until the following day.  Not this time.  It was completely gone before we went to bed at 10 pm.  The musty odour smell has completely disappeared.  The whole house smells clean and fresh like bed sheets just off the clothes line.

Nobody in my home has severe allergy problems so I cannot offer any testimony to its effectiveness for this problem.  The company claims the product is designed to help eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odours, air pollutants, and cold and virus causing germs.

With all of the different products on the market I was as confused as you.  Which to buy?  The only thing I knew was I wanted a whole house system.  They offered a 90 day satisfaction guarantee so I went with RGF.

We have been thrilled with the performance and I am confident you will be also.  Our next research project will be a filtration system for dust and particulate.

Allergies, Dust, Sickness

My home does not have a high efficiency air system so I cannot give you my personal experience with them.  However, we have installed several filter systems from Trane and had great feedback from our customers.

Every customer that owns an air system is absolutely thrilled with the results.  They all claim they have no dust in the house!  Personally I find this hard to believe. Like they say – The Proof is In The Plumbing.

We will be including those testimonials in the near future.  I want to put one in my own home before I promote it to anyone else.

So… What’s Next

First of all I must tell you we are not Indoor Air Quality experts.  If you have a severe problem then you may want to find a company that specializes in that field.  We will be working on finding someone we can recommend.

If your problems are minor to mediocre then we can help. Call today to schedule your assessment and get started on the path to a cleaner, healthier home.

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10 tips to save on water bills at home

10 Creative Ways to Pop the Big Question

10 Creative Ways to Pop the Big Question

It’s a special time when two people get to a point in their relationship where they’re ready to commit to each other for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, not all guys are adept at coming up with perfectly unique ideas for proposals, but luckily there are several tried and true, out of the ordinary methods of popping the big question.

Prior to the proposal, it is important to make sure that you have the right ring size first, but how do you accomplish this without giving away the big announcement? Family owned and Los Angeles jeweler, Icing on the ring, suggests ‘borrowing’ one of her current rings or even asking a discreet member of her immediate family. Once the correctly sized ring is purchased, it’s time for the big moment.

Look up to the Future

It may seem cliché, but having a skywriter spell out a proposal in the sky is still one of the most unique ways to propose. Several people say it is overdone, but honestly, when was the last time you saw a proposal like this in real life?

Propose on the Big Screen

Most ladies enjoy going out to the movies with their beau. If this is the case, you’re in absolute luck. Most movie theaters allow people to place advertisements on the big screen that come on directly before the previews. Speak with a theater representative and make sure to show up well before the movie starts. For a few extra bucks you may even be able to rent out one of the theaters to yourself.

Use her Favorite Website

One boyfriend recently sent in a postcard to his girlfriend’s favorite website, ‘Postsecret’. The postcard had a distinct message on it asking his girlfriend to marry him. After making sure that the postcard got posted on the website, he waited for his girlfriend to scroll down and see the proposal. He was waiting directly behind her with the ring. If there’s any website that can help pull this off, it will be a very memorable proposal.

The Light of your Life

This method requires several votive candles. Turn off all the lights in your home or apartment and make a pathway with the candles. At the end of the trail there should be a circle of candles surrounding the engagement ring.

Stuck on You

It never hurts to be a little playful, so spelling out a proposal with refrigerator magnets is a clever and youthful way to pop the question. You’ll likely have to purchase several bags of letters to get the correct amount of each letter, but this is a small price to pay for the woman you love.

Message in a Bottle

Take your loved one on a nice beach vacation for whatever reason. It’s best to have a private beach, which is possible at a low price at most lake campgrounds. While she isn’t looking, go out onto the beach and bury a glass bottle with an older piece of paper inside of it. This paper should of course have the proposal on it and the bottle should be corked. Help her ‘discover’ the bottle and just wait.

Curtain Call

If your girlfriend likes theatrical productions, you can contact the management of the local theater group. Ask if you can propose onstage after curtain call. Once you have permission, let her enjoy the show before enjoying the rest of her life.

Favorite Writer

This one may take some work, but it’s worth it. If your future fiancee has a favorite author, try your best to get in contact with them or at least find out about any upcoming book signings. Going to a book signing is best, but if you can get an email correspondence going, this works as well. Ask the author to sign the book to your love and to inscribe ‘Will you marry me?’ inside the cover. Hopefully she won’t think the author is proposing.

Read it in the Circulars

If your love is one of the few that still reads the newspaper, take out a full page proposal ad. Make sure that you’re around when she starts reading the paper. This works especially well if she goes over the paper while the two of you are having breakfast.

By the Campfire

This method may not be extremely creative, but danged if it isn’t romantic. If your future wife enjoys nature and doesn’t mind camping out, go ahead and plan a weekend trip to the woods or a local campsite. There is no way that proposing to her by firelight will not stick out in her mind forever.

Popping the question is a special occasion for every couple. True love can hold a marriage together regardless of how the proposal was handled, but it’s always better to have a unique or romantic story to tell the kids or family. The aforementioned methods are just ways to put a little extra topping on the magic that is a marriage, so good luck!

Any others that should have made the list? Please share in the comment box below

Author’s Bio: Bianca Ochoa is a freelance writer and lover of all things creative and heart warming. She also a contributing author to popular jeweler in the LA district, Icing on the ring, a family owned and operated specialty boutique providing custom bridal and anniversary jewelry with an emphasis on friendly service, and competitive prices.

How To Make A Small House Feel Spacious

How To Make A Small House Feel Spacious

Learning how to make your house more spacious is a bit of an optical trick, sure. But it is a trick that is not only for aesthetic purposes. Making your house appear more spacious also give you a subconscious feeling of more breathing room. Many of us can become a bit claustrophobic in a tight space. Small spaces can also give slight general anxiety. Frustrations are also more common in tight spaces, due to the aforementioned feelings. By creating the feeling of more space in a room, we can alleviate these feelings. Plenty of studies have been done showing that those who have less day-to-day anxiety live happier and more productive lives. Making a house more spacious may seem like a small improvement. Nevertheless, consider the long-term effects of being a little calmer and at peace with your surroundings.


Be it a large or a small room, placing a wall-size mirror in it can help the room feel larger. The reason being that the eyes feel they have a greater distance to scan. When we have a bare wall, we focus on the limitation. When there is a mirror placed along the wall, our eyes see to the wall and then all the way back to the opposing wall. In essence, you have doubled the amount of space your eyes have to view.

Do Not Cut Off Corners

When you cut off corners with furniture, you are essentially sacrificing space. By placing furniture against the walls lengthwise and avoiding cutting off the corner, you open up the room. Having an open room leaves you with the sense of more space to work with. That is because you quite literally do. It is amazing how restrictive cutting off just a square quarter-meter can do to tighten up a room.

Monochromatic and Neutral Schemes

When you use a single color in a room, the furniture and set pieces can blend more easily into walls. This helps make the room look more continuous and not blocked into particular pieces. Just like using mirrors, this is a simple optical illusion that makes it easier for your eyes to use a continuous scan. You can also use neutral colors. Using colors that are too vibrant or clash can cause segmentation to the eyes that make the room seem smaller. Using neutral colors and going from lighter to darker colors will help the room seem taller, thus bigger.

Give Entrances Space

Crowding the entrance and exit of a room can make it feel constrictive. Instead, allow space between furniture and the doorway. This opens up the room to seem more inclusive and not as closed off. Try to utilize additional components that make the doorway seem wider and more open as well. This will give the entire room a more open and extended feel.

Using each of these simple, but often overlooked tricks can help your eyes take in a room as a larger space than it really is. While the room may not truly extend in size, you can feel like you can spread out just a bit easier.

10 Tips to Save On Water Bills At Home

10 Tips to Save On Water Bills At Home

There is a lot of talk about how to save money when it comes to saving energy through electricity, or saving money per month by using less gas. However, while water may not be the most expensive bill on your utilities paper each month, you can still save with intelligent planning.

Water bills can be lowered to the point of saving hundreds per year for families. For individuals, you can likely save near hundreds per year even with small changes to your daily activities. The best part is that you do not have to change your entire lifestyle to save on your water bill. It simply takes a little planning, and a bit of noticing where you can personally save.

Tip 1 : “Dry Shower”

One of the most wasteful activities families and individuals partake in is the shower. Many individuals spend upwards of 20-30 minutes in a shower, enjoying the running water down the body.

To save money, attempt a “dry shower”. Turn on the shower and wet yourself down. Then turn off the water and lather yourself fully. Once you have lathered your hair and body with appropriate soaps, turn the water back on to rinse off. You will have saved a lot of time by incorporating this idea. Most of us tend to do a more thorough job quickly when the water is off, as we are more self-aware.

Tip 2: Use A Low Flow Shower Head

Use a low flow shower head. This will reduce the number of gallons of water you use per minute in the shower. Hence, this will help you save money but also the environment.

Tip 3 : Wash Dishes Manually

Instead of running the dishwasher, try doing your dishes by hand. The dishwasher often uses much more water than necessary. It is important to make sure that you wait until your dishwasher is full, rather than running it daily.

Many individuals wait only until the washer is half-full. This can mean as many as twice the number of washer loads. Going one step further, avoid the washer altogether. Instead of running the water consistently during your washing, try using a prefilled sink. This way, you have used a set amount of water.

Tip 4: Drip System and Watering Times

Instead of running sprinklers or a hose, invest a rather small amount of money into a drip-system for your plants. You may still need a sprinkler or hose for a general lawn. However, by having a system going directly to your ulterior plants, you can save money on superfluous sprinkler times. It is equally important to make sure you are watering plants at the proper times of day.

If you have water on mid-day, more of that possible hydration is evaporating instead of being utilized by the plant. Conversely, if you water early or late in the day, more of the water can be absorbed by the plants. One of the most common ridiculous wastes of water also involves the sprinkler. Many individuals allow their sprinklers to stay on during the autumn and winter.

Not only are most plants getting enough hydration during these seasons, but many plants and grasses die out naturally and temporarily. Taking a couple extra minutes to note if you need the water systems running is worth saving throughout the year.

Tip 5: Use Water Conservation Kits

There are many utility companies, including water departments who offer complimentary water conservation kits. You will need to contact your local utility department to check if they do provide free water conservation kits.

Tip 6: Place Brick In Toilet Tank

It may sound weird at first. But it works. Try placing a brick in your toilet’s tank. This will reduce the space of the water gallons in the tank. Hence, you will use a reduced amount of water for every flush.

Tip 7: Silent Leaks

One of the main suspect in making high utility bills is silent leak. There are a few ways you can check for silent leak- using food coloring and cups.

First, ascertain that you indeed have a leak by jiggling the handle of the toilet. If it does, then you have a leak. However, it may or may not be the only silent leak your toilet can have. To verify, put in 8-10 drops of food colorings into the tank of water. Let it stay for 15-20 minutes. Next, see if the food coloring has seeped into the toilet bowl. If it does, repair them yourself or engage a professional plumber to help out.

The other silent leaks culprits are the sinks and tubs. To ensure that you do not waste water from the silent leaks in sinks and tubs, do place an empty cup below them before heading to work. If you realize that there are significant water in the cups, then you can be sure that there is a silent leak. The best way is to get a professional plumber and fix this problem.

Tip 8: Check For Other Leaks

The next thing to do is to check for leaks in the piping under the home or the home meter. There are a few ways to do so. First, it is to check the meter box and the lid. If there are debris, do not attempt to contact your water department as yet. It is likely that your meter is reading a GPS signal. To detect a leak, see if your meter shows a small yellow or red/ star or triangle. Then switch off all the electricity in the home. If the meter is still running, then you can certify that you indeed have a leak. It is time to call a professional plumber for help.

The other option is to call the department in your area. Most of the time, they will be able to send a service man to inspect for leaks at token sum. Chances are that it would be cheaper than calling a certified plumber yourself.

Tip 9: Turn Off Icemaker

One of the most utility bill consuming item is the ice-maker machine. Turning the ice-maker on only when ice is running low is a great way to save on electricity. You can also turn it off and use the conventional ice trays during colder seasons like winter.

10 Family Friendly Meals You Can Make Ahead of Time

Not everyone has time to prepare three or more meals for his or her family. In fact, some people do not have time to make even one meal, due to all the running around the modern parent has to endure. It is quite an often occurrence that parents and spouses can only hurriedly throw together a meal, unless they plan ahead. But one way to save time is to prepare meals that can be finished or heated up to perfect at a later time.


If you need something that can be prepared quickly and finished even quicker, then trystir-frys. You can cut up and marinade the meat, as well as chop up the vegetables and pre-make the rice. Just throw the content into a pan or wok, and have a meal ready in 7 minutes.


A meatloaf is an American tradition that can be easily made and kept for longer periods of time than other foods. You can also prepare a meatloaf for cooking later if you would like it to be served fresh. The meat tends to retain their general flavor. This makes them a perfect meal for the family that is pressed for time.


Anold Italian favorite that can be premade and set aside for the family, with ease. While this meal does take considerable time to prepare well, it can be prepared in rather large quantities. It is also a great on-the-go food in your favorite Tupperware containers. Lasagna prepared properly will always taste just as good as the first time it is cooked. You can also prepare it as a ready-for-the-oven meal.


Think of enchiladas as the Hispanic version of the Lasagna. They may take a little time to make, but they can be made in large quantities, and are great food to take to work or school. They are also easily portioned. That way, the portions can be rationed out to family members without much conflict on “who got the bigger portion.”


Stews are great family-friendly food because they can be ready to serve whenever you would like. Stews are very difficult to overcook, as they slow-cook throughout the day. That means that a stew is practically “on call” for when the family is ready to eat.

Stuffed Bell Peppers

A great portable food for the family is a stuffed bell pepper. Instead of loading your spouse and kids with preservative-filled snacks and meals, you can give them a ready-made edible food pod. You can stuff bell peppers with meats, veggies and cheeses, and the bell peppers will stay fresh and ready-to-eat for at least 48 hours.

Chicken Pot Pies

A quality chicken pot pie can be kept in the fridge for quite a while. The content can also be kept in a ready-for-the-oven fashion for days at a time. That means that you will have a ready to please and family friendly food on deck whenever you need it.

Meat, Beans, and Rice Plates

You do not have to spend a ridiculous amount of time preparing foods every time. Sometimes, a simple mixture of protein and carbohydrates is a great mix. Add some steamed veggies or a salad on the fly to fill out the nutrients your family needs.

Sandwiches and Subs

Sure, some people have forgotten that a sandwich can be a meal, but it is all about what you fill the sandwich with. Choose your meat, your veggies, and then place them in the fridge. Leave the condiments off to keep the bread from becoming soggy.


Once again, you do not have to always over-think a meal that can be consumed later. Soups are like stews in that they can be made far ahead of time.

Pasta Salad

Throw some spices into some noodles and add some tomatoes, onion, sunflower seeds, and so on. You will have a healthy and easy-to-eat meal to be eaten whenever there is time.

10 Social Media Apps Anyone Can Use to Boost Their Popularity

In the age of internet-based interpersonal communication, the use of social media has exploded. People now connect through their personal computers, laptops, and even their smartphones. More people are finding ways to connect through more social media sites and applications than ever before. Here are 10 social media applications you can use to gain more friends and associates than ever before.


The first application one should utilize to up their connectivity to countless individuals is Facebook. With over 800 million users, Facebook is a must-have for helping you grow your connectedness to everyone else around you. Reconnect with old friends, search for new ones, and find people who like all the same things you do. There is little limitation to who you can find when using the most popular social media in the world.


If you have ever wanted to know what everyone is thinking at every point of the day, twitter is perfect for you. In all seriousness, Twitter has become a fantastic way for the popular and famous to become more connected to their followers. You too can gather a following through twitter quickly and easily. As long as you have something interesting to say or show, anyone can begin following you and linking to your Facebook, Reddit, or like social profiles to follow you fulltime.


For the more business-minded individual, there is Linkedin. This application allows you to network with other business individuals around you. The use of “Connections” (friends and associates) helps you find others in your field or that you would like to connect to. These are known as “Second-Party” or “Third-Party” Connections. In other words, you will be automatically linked up to various individuals who are “friends of friends” and so forth. Networking through business has never been easier.


Gather is a social app that focuses on collecting groups of people who enjoy the same activities and interests. While the idea may be a simple one, it also makes a lot of sense when trying to boost one’s popularity. Instead of trudging around looking for people that may be interested in the same things, leave nothing to chance. Whether it is a movie, a genre of music, or a type of activity, you will find instant connections with Gather.


Whether you want to post a great picture, or look at others’ pictures and chat about them, Reddit is the social app for you. You can find almost any type of picture, animated gif, or short video on Reddit. You can even post your own videos and allow others to chat along with you. Reddit connects to many other social media apps, allowing you to connect a great picture you found to things like Facebook.


It can be said that laughter brings people together more than any other form of interaction. With that in mind, 9Gag is a great way to make friends and new acquaintances. Comment on other person’s pictures and videos. Meet others who hold the same sense of humour as you do. The 9gag application also syncs up with your other social media applications, so that you can share a great laugh with everyone on your parallel social media apps.

A marvellous concept which marries chatting and live listening experience, lets you chat with friends whilst listening to music. While the idea may seem simple and hacky, brining friends in to listen to music is a great way to build connections. Everybody loves to share his or herfavorite song. And if nothing else, you can all bag on whatever others are listening to, building a kinship on the spot.


Following in the music trend, Spotify made a partnership with Facebook so that you can share your music with your growing base of friends. One of the strongest indirect forms of communication is the sharing of music. The connection that can be made from liking the same types of music can often be stronger than any other like-interest. Using Spotify to connect with others can help you grow your general popularity with individuals that share the same music interest as you.


Why stick with just sending text messages to friends when you can leave them a voice message. Voxer allows you to leave a “voice notes” to those friends that you want to connect with in a verbal fashion. This can add a personal touch when speaking with your growing number of friends and acquaintances.

How can i use facebook to increase my popularity

How Can I Use Facebook to Increase My Popularity

In this age, Facebook has become the dominant networking tool for business and personal endeavors. Raising your popularity through Facebook can take a little creativity, but when done properly, you can raise your popularity to great heights. So how can you do it? Well, it takes a few rather simple steps. Remember that gaining popularity can take a little time. If you follow the steps and keep to the strategies, you will surely raise your popularity.

Status Updates

If you want to be popular on Facebook, the first thing you have to do is be someone worth following. No one is interested in following or keeping track of a boring individual. Update your status every day. If at all possible, update it a few times a day. But, it is not just about updating constantly – it is also about what you have to say as to have somedrawn to it. If you are updating with boring information, people are likely to “hide” your status updates and stop following you. Raising your popularity means being interesting enough to be popular in the first place. If you do not have anything worth talking about, then update your status with witty comments or interesting insights.

Upload Pictures

Along with your updates, you can upload pictures. Try to take pictures of the things you are doing or seeing. You can link your status updates with photos. Avoid the pitfall of taking pictures of the food you are eating every single meal. Nobody is interested in seeing every single meal that you decide to eat. Likewise, do not take pictures of the same things over and over again. Instead, have new activities or interesting things to take pictures of every time you update. Again, if you do not have interesting things to take pictures of, then perhaps a funny Meme or picture you found on the internet can suffice. Again, do not overdo these as it becomes obnoxious.

Join Networks

Whether they are business networks or social networks within Facebook, join them. Try to join networks that actually pertain to you. Specific types of work or social groups that you would partake in are the best options. However, even if you do not have an immediate interest or use, you can still join the networks for the purpose of finding new people to connect with. You never know what type of people may have other similar interests as you do. By being able to find others with common interests in your sub-networks, you can gain more and more fans of your general Facebook status updates and picture updates.

“Like” Often

Just like social networking, you should try and “like” as many things as possible. This “like” function allows you to connect with others that you may not have connected with otherwise. More importantly, other people may have common “likes” as you, and wish to find out more about you. They may then begin subscribing to your wall posts and updates on a regular basis. When this happens, their friends and acquaintances also have an opportunity to view and “like” your status updates and wall posts as well. It is a social domino effect that may help you gain the popularity that you are looking for.

Comment and “Like” Other’s Wall Posts

You should try and be a positive onlooker to other member’s updates, wall posts, pictures, and general comments as often as possible. By being a positive force in the Facebook community, you will entice others to see who you are and what you are up to. This is a sort of “Share and share alike” mentality that can bring you a multitude of new friends, acquaintances, and followers that will skyrocket your popularity. Think of it this way: The more than you decide to “like” comments and be an active force in the community, the more opportunity others have to discover you. If you are updating often and have interesting or fun things to say, you are more likely to get your own followers. It is simple social mathematics. More activity means more chances to up your social stock. On the other hand, posting less means less chance of gaining friends and followers.

By following these simple steps, you should be able to gain popularity. Remember that these steps do not guarantee automatic popularity. You have to work at being someone worth following. Whether it is your consistent traveling or your interesting hobby, you have to stay relevant and interesting. If you fail to do this, you certainly will not have as many followers as you could have. But even if you struggle to gain followers at first, just keep cultivating a niche worth following. As your network builds over time, you will eventually find the right group of people that will support your rise in popularity.
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