What equipment you need to make butter?

butter machines

Big butter ChurnIt is the Butter Churn designed for manufacturing Butter in high capacities.Volumetric pump is adopted for adjustments of weights in gram of the Butter Churn.We have models in 3 different capacities.These capacities are 350kg, 1000kg and 2000kg.Machine is completely made of stainless steel in 304 quality.Welding and welding cleanness is very special. In volumetric pump beside the machine, […]

Top 10 SEO Buzzwords

Top 10 SEO Buzzwords

1)   KeywordsA keyword is a common word or combination of words that internet users search for in search engines to find a particular product or service. During the process of on-page SEO, relevant keywords are seamlessly integrated within the content of a website.2)   SEMThis stands for Search Engine Marketing, which refers to the entire process of creating awareness […]