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Corporate Summer Parties: 3 Tips for Success

As Britain enjoys the much anticipated months of summer, so too thoughts turn to outdoor parties and recreational evening events. It is also an ideal time for companies to plan their own outdoor corporate parties, whether they are looking to reward the efforts of their staff or engage in networking activities with established clients.

There are numerous reasons why businesses are continuing to position themselves away from traditional corporate events, and the most significant of these is the Omni-present issue of cost. With high venue hire and catering costs, organizing a formal corporate occasion can account for an amount of expenditure that is simply not viable in an unpredictable and struggling economy.

Planning an Enjoyable Outdoor Party: The Why and the How

With this in mind, it is easy to understand how outdoor corporate events have emerged as popular in the market place, as their most appealing quality is that they can be held for a significantly reduced cost. There are other advantages offered by outdoor summer events, and also several things to bear in mind when planning a corporate occasion for your team

1. Focus on Fresh and Seasonal Food: With the cost cutting element firmly in mind, it is important to consider where money can be saved without compromising the quality of your outdoor summer event. Food and drink are an obvious candidates for financial savings, and summer provides an ideal opportunity for you to find fresh and seasonal produce that offers genuine value for money. Seasonal food is cheaper to source and therefore carries a lower retail cost, while outdoor events also provide a greater scope for your choice of menu.

2. Encourage Informal and Relaxed Interaction: Summer creates a genuine sense of warmth and relaxation, and outdoor events in particular are ideal for promoting informal and emotive interaction between guests. This type of communication is beneficial whether you are hosting an internal party or an occasion for the benefit of your clients, as either way it encourages honest conversation and the opportunity for deeper and more meaningful interaction. When this occurs, it can only improve the relationship between individual team members and external clients, which could help to enhance your businesses longevity.

Ÿ3. Consider Laying on a Live Event: Live events are exceptionally popular in the contemporary worlds of event planning and marketing, and these real time experiences are only enhanced by shining light of summer. Live music or theatrical performance may seem like an unnecessary expense for a corporate party, but as outdoor events provide such significant savings elsewhere it may prove to be money well spent. Such high octane entertainment delivers both a rewarding experience for staff and an enjoyable occasion for corporate clients, and leaves guests with genuinely long lasting memories.

The Bottom Line: Celebrate Summer With an Outdoor Corporate Party

Outdoor summer parties clearly offer a more malleable canvas on which organizers can plan their event, while also delivering a far greater opportunity for businesses to save money. These factors mark outdoor corporate events as an extremely viable commercial option for brands, and one which strikes the ideal balance between being creative and ultimately affordable.

Author Bio: Lewis Humphries is a professional blogger and researcher for Chillisauce. To discover more about the latest trend in event planning and management, then visit the Chillisauce blog today

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