ditch the office work from anywhere here are 5 basic things you need

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Ditch the Office! Work from Anywhere, Here are 5 Basic Things You Need

As an internet entrepreneur, I enjoy the flexibility that comes with having to work from any location I please. It has been a big welcome change for me, particularly since I had a cubicle job for years doing consistent 12 hour shifts that often made it difficult for me to enjoy my favorite past time, traveling. Now I can work and travel at the same time. One of the most common questions I get asked is How do you get any work done? Well it’s simple really.

In today’s world, with the conveniences of modern technology, the wide array of digital services available and of course the Internet, it is possible to make your work or business completely location independent. Meaning, you can transact with clients while taking in sun and sipping iced tea on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica or send documents while relishing great views in Dubai. There are many great advantages to having a portable business, however it does require a number of considerations. Here are 5 basic things you need.

ditch the office work from anywhere here are 5 basic things you need

1. Virtual Office

A virtual office enables you to have a local address at anywhere in the world where such services are offered and usually at a fraction of what you would pay if you were renting by traditional means. These offices also come with additional services that make it a valuable asset for businesses looking to be location independent; services including free customer service phone numbers, customer service agent, call forwarding, international and domestic mail forwarding, conference rooms and more.

2. VoIP and Digital Fax Service

If you want to maintain maximum portability, you probably won’t want to keep a land line for your main business phone. Instead, consider subscribing to a VoIP service. This way, you will have phone service as long as you have a computer to log into. If you already have a land line, you can always use services that forward news of voice mails to your email or cell phone.

Faxing is also an essential method of communication for most businesses as it allows you to send and receive secure documentation; and thanks to faxtoemail services, gone are the days of bulky fax machines or standing by the fax waiting to receive documents. The beauty of faxtoemail services is that they enable you to send and receive faxes right in your email inbox and which can then be conveniently accessed from anywhere in the world.

3. Cloud Storage

If your business relies on serious storage and computing power, you might want to subscribe to a cloud service that you can access from any computer. Besides making your files accessible to employees or contractors in other parts of the world, you can also keep all you data backed up in case you lose your laptop or hard drive or are the victim of theft.

4. Online Banking and Merchant Services

With the common availability of Internet banking, you won’t have a hard time handling your finances from anywhere. With your online bank account, you can monitor transactions, track expenses and cash flow, schedule, send and receive business payments and maintain a debit card that can be used anywhere in the world. With technologies such as mobile check deposits and mobile merchant payment processing services, it has made it even easier to make financial transactions from anywhere in the world.

5. Laptop and Internet Access

“A portable computer and consistent internet service are the basic necessities to running a location independent business. Laptop technology has improved in recent years, and you are likely to find the power you need for a price you can afford. By combining a powerful laptop with a cloud service, there’s no need to be concerned about storage capacity. For maximum security, consider using fingerprint or facial recognition software or file encryption that is stored on a thumb drive, which you can keep safe in your pocket at all times.”

With internet access, it is a good idea to opt for a service that is not only dependable but one that offers superior speed and performance, which will make it easy to conduct transactions quickly and efficiently. There are many portable wireless services available on the market today at very affordable rates that will allow you to access the internet 24 hours a day from almost anywhere in the world, be sure to check with the provider on which regions of the world are covered.

With the right preparations, doing business from anywhere is sure to be a breeze. Take the time to set things up right, and you can easily make your business location independent as long as you have a portable computer and Internet access.

Author’s bio: Ebele Okocha is an internet entrepreneur and freelance writer with an interest in a modern work environment. She is also a contributing author for Aplus.net, a small business web solutions and communications provider that delivers the innovative products and services which help business owners build their brands, grow their dreams and live their passion.

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