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do I really have to have vocation ambition?

A reader writes:

I’m the type of individual who functions for one and only a single rationale: to make a dwelling. I do a excellent occupation, but this is 100 p.c due to the fact I’m terrified of starving in the streets and percent since I genuinely treatment about work or want to develop up a “career.”

There are not any positions in the universe I’d at any time basically want to do. I have under no circumstances examine any occupation description and not imagined, “well, that seems dreadful.” The highest bar I’m intrigued in location re: do the job is discovering a thing that isn’t too terrible to bear each day, and accomplishing well so I do not get fired.

I take that getting a work also indicates remaining demanded to nod and smile along with all the corporation BS. I do. But I wrestle mightily with my company’s obsession with everyone’s “career progress.” It’s good that this stuff is there for people who are interested—what I don’t realize is why individuals of us who aren’t fascinated, and are hardly ever going to be intrigued, are pressured to participate as well. No matter how a lot of instances, year immediately after 12 months, I smile and repeat “I’m high-quality with where I am now, I really don’t have any ambitions beyond doing effectively in this role,” I just can’t look to escape it.

Is it way too a great deal to assume that I can simply just have a job that makes it possible for me to get paid a dwelling and that is it? Or will I truly have to keep dealing with this Profession nonsense until eventually retirement? If so, how do I navigate this? Do I have to have to arrive up with some convincing bogus “goals” and “passions” to appease the powers that be? If so, I’m fully blank on thoughts for what to say and would value suggestions.

You can study my remedy to this letter at Vice these days. Head around there to go through it.

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