Does Size Play a Major role in Sex?


Does Size Play a Major role in Sex?

When it comes to sex, “Am I big enough?” has simply got to be the top question men have been asking themselves in the privacy of their own minds since forever. And most of them answer the question the wrong way, because men always tend to compare themselves with other people.

This leads to doubts and questions about the size of their penises and performance adequacy. Many men go to ridiculous lengths to offset what they perceive as a shortcoming on their side. But is it really a problem?

This kind of behaviour is very common. Nearly every man asks himself the “Size Question” at some point or another in his life and since men are too afraid to ask the question directly, they never get a satisfactory answer. And so the matter drags on in their minds instead of being put to rest once and for all.

It’s a shame that some men find nothing better to do with their time and efforts than to prove to themselves and to the world that they don’t have small penises. This fear of being too small may grow to become a serious problem for some men. It’s a blight upon their confidence and it may drive them to do silly things. Men that fear of their size tend to have sex only with an athens escort or athens escorts, because these ladies do not judge big or small size.

Women are looking for other things aside from a big penis. It’s not that having 7 or 8 inches doesn’t help at all. Women like to ogle men before getting into anything serious and a sizeable bulge in the pants scores points with them.

Studies and polls have conclusively shown that women are far more interested in partners with good hygiene habits and who know how to bring them to orgasm, big penis or no big penis. Therefore penis size is nothing more than an item on the big check list for most women. Something akin to: “Penis size check – done. Now let’s move on to something even more important”.

The average penis size is 5.5 to 6 inches. And since most men are this size and still think themselves below average, it follows that men are not very good at judging their own size. If you start asking men about the size of their penises, you can be certain that most men would give themselves an extra inch or two, just to come across as really hung guys.

However, a bigger organ may look impressive, but if it’s too big to fit comfortably inside the vagina or if the owner is clueless in bed, then all those inches are wasted. And the worst part of all this is the fact that most women care more about the quality and intensity of sex and less about the size of the man’s penis.

If you’re an average-sized guy and not content with your size, there are a few tricks that can help make your penis look bigger. The actual penis size can be hidden by the pubic hair. So, if you think you could profit from this, trim your pubic hair. A simple trick is to have a hot shower before sex.

The hot water would help fill the penis with blood and make it hang heavier than normal. Or you could lose some weight. The pad of fat located at the base of the penis can grow in size along with the overall body fat and may obscure the base of the penis. Losing weight would decrease the pad and bring back the hidden inches.

Still, the easiest thing you could do is to have an honest talk with your partner and find out if your penis is adequate in size or if your partner actually cares about this. Still, be advised that, more often than not, an honest talk is likely to bring up other relationship-related issues than penis size. Penis size should be the least of your worries, since an athens escort or athens escorts do not really care about that!

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