easy ways to change your ip address in windows

Easy Ways to Change Your IP Address in Windows

If you want to, or have heard that you can/should change your IP Address, the first thing you should know is what it is. To be exact, your IP is your Internet Protocol address. It is the numeric identity of your computer. Each computer will have its own number that is unique. You can think of the IP as something that is almost like a fingerprint. The way in which an IP is unlike a fingerprint, is in that it can be changed whenever you would like. The process requires a few steps, but without too much hassle, you can have a new IP address.

Automatic Steps

To change your IP automatically, go to your MS-DOS settings and you willsimply need to turn off your modem and router for around 5 minutes to overnight. This setting does not always work. So after trying it a couple of times and you find yourself with the same IP Address, attempt a manual change. Note that you can check your IP Address by simply doing a search of “My IP Address” in a common search engine.

Manual Steps for XP

To change your IP via manual steps, click your “Start” button at the bottom left of your screen. Type in “CMD” and click “Okay”. This should bring you to your MS-DOS screen. The DOS screen should be a small window with a black background, with a few bits of information and a blinking cursor. Now you need to type in “ipconfig /release” (without the quotation marks, of course). Double check that you have not typed it incorrectly. MS-DOS functions will not run unless it is typed 100% accurate. By using the /release function, you are asking the computer to disable your internet connection. Type in “exit” and leave the prompt so you can continue gaining the new IP Address. Now you will need to right-click on “Network Places” on your desktop. Find “properties” and click on it,wherein you should find the “Local Area Connection”. Then click “Properties”. Double-click on “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” which I sunder “General”. Then click on “Use the following IP Address” and create a new IP. It will not matter what you type into the area. Simply fill it with numbers. Now press “Tab” and it should fill in the subnet mask section with the default numbers. Click “OK” and you will be brought back to “Local Area Connection.” Right-click on “Local Area Connection” and go to “Properties” once again. Go to “TCP/IP” settings and select “Obtain an IP Address Automatically”. Finally, click “Okay” as it pops up. You should now have a new IP Address.

Manual Steps for 7 or Vista

The order for Windows 7 or Vista is much like the XP version. However, the title of particular items may be different at the start. You will still enter into the “Control Panel” and after using MS-DOS, follow the same steps through your local area connection. If you are using a Wireless connection, then make sure you are going to “Wireless Network Connection” if “Local Are Connection” is not presently available.

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easy ways to change your ip address in windows

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