Features must a door possess to be considered armoured

Really feeling risk-free inside your house is a crucial variable, that has a great deal to do with your own convenience. This is why we have realized three lines of security doors, different for technological attributes, designed and also licensed to give the best level of safety inside residences. You will certainly find parts and several aesthetic services. Understand the quality of the items, whcih are made with the finest basic materials as well as the most sophisticated technical procedures. You will additionally discover the elements that influence the rate of each solitary design, in order to make the most effective decision that fit your requirements.

A real  must be made of very solid products, which give it certain burglary-proof characteristics. A high quality armoured door is made entirely of steel sheet which, if it is not mass produced, can get to a density of 3-4 mm. Whilst it is covered on the surface with wood or various other materials for ornamental objectives. Undoubtedly, the greater the thickness of the sheet as well as the far better the high quality of the components with which it is manufactured, the better will certainly be resistance to attacks from the exterior.

Armored door attributes

However just how to select the ideal security door? Armoured steel doors should be produced complying with specific policies, relating to thermal passage, acoustic insulation and, of course, break-in resistance. Aside from being a barrier to invasions, many thanks to unique front door locks as well as immune surface areas. They need to boost the thermal comfort of your residence, separating it from the outside, safeguarding in this way the structure from the atmospheric agents. Finally, they need to keep the noise away, isolating your house additionally acoustically. These 3 attributes are summarized in classes, worths and devices of dimension, which have to be picked according to your particular requirements.

EU standards

Armoured doors are licensed on the basis of 4 EU standards, which separate them into 6 safety and security classes. These are differentiated on the basis of the kind of device which a possible burglar might use to break in.

  • Endures only the physical force of the individual attempting to get entry.
  • Withstands external attempts to barge in utilizing straightforward tools, such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
  • Withstands assaults with crowbars.
  • Endures assaults with blades, hammers, axes, hand saws, electric drills, cutters, etc.
  • Withstands assaults with high-power drills as well as other electric tools such as saws or mills, etc.
  • Stand up to attempts by a professional intruder who additionally makes use of high-power tools.
Every kind of door must be categorised as well as subjected to toughness tests, after which the family member course certificate is provided.


As the stating goes, “Avoidance is far better than cure”. It can not be stressed enough that investing in protection is constantly an excellent decision, so as not to have to pay a lot more later (in both an economic and emotional sense). Regardless of just how efficient a digital alarm system can be, it will certainly never ever suffice without the security offered by high quality doors and windows, fitted with the correct locks and ideal for the particular needs.

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