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Getting to Know and Helping Yourself During PMS

There is a joke on women’s predicament, made popular through an episode of “South Park”, that goes: “Don’t trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn’t die.” The joke author obviously never met a woman with PMS. For me, those 4-5 days of period are picnic compared to what comes before.

“PMS is a 1 – 10 day period of: irritability, wild mood swings, depression, sudden inexplicable need to cry, breast and abdominal pain, irrationality, bloatedness, a kind of insomnia, extraordinary sugar craving, etc. Of course not all women experience these nasty symptoms, nor do they experience all of them at the same time. Some women have no pain, but easily burst into tears and have a tendency to argue with their partner, for example.”

getting to know and helping yourself during pms

Healthy Living is the Key

Getting to know your body and your typical PMS behavior is key to helping yourself. There are many very simple tricks to alleviate pain and improve your behavior that basically come down to: healthy living. Here’s what experts advise women do in order to go through PMS as easily as possible:

1. Don’t give in to refined sugars, coffee, alcohol. If you really want to eat something sweet, dark chocolate with high percentage of cocoa is the best choice, because it is low in sugar and high in magnesium.

2. Intake vitamin B6, vitamin E, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. You can regularly take a daily dose of multivitamin, or, better yet, eat food high in these substances (nuts, milk, yogurt, bananas, white meat, beans, salmon, eggs, avocado, carrots, celery, etc.

3. Change your diet (especially during PMS). Eat regularly, 5 times a day, and don’t overeat. The portions should be small and healthy. It’s important to eat a lot of salads and fruit, and if you’re into drinking juices, make sure they are freshly squeezed fruit juices

4. Drink a lot of water. That is important for purging toxic materials.

5. Exercise! Any kind of exercise is welcome. If you don’t have time for elaborate fitness routines, dance or swimming lessons, you could go for a walk each morning or each evening, or do some light exercises at home. Even if you manage 20-30 min. of exercise a day, your body will greatly appreciate it.

This might seem overwhelming to someone used to eating sweets and fast-food, but seriously: how long does it take to mix some carrots, cucumbers, celery and peppers, or whipping up a banana with yogurt and adding some nuts? Healthy snacks like these should become a routine.

Many busy women take a quicker and easier way out of pain and misery of PMS by taking pills like ibuprofen, aspirin, birth control pills, etc. It’s true they are very helpful in easing the pain and some other PMS symptoms, but they’ll hardly help with your general well being in the long run without the healthy habits described previously.

Another very important thing: by now, you know what to expect when the PMS period comes. Practice self-control and try not to enter any arguments, especially if you know from experience you will regret it later.

Though it does have a few ugly quirks, being a woman is otherwise a fabulous thing.  :)

Author bio: Allison Moody is a happy aunt to two wonderful boys with whom she practices mommyhood. When she’s not experiencing the ups and downs of trying to educate kids, she’s working as a freelance ghostwriter and a promoter of her online application Labeley, that helps users create beverage labels for free.

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