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10 Ways To Increase Your Productivity

Are you one of those who find it fulfilling to be good at work? Everyone has the capacity to be better at their career and that is by choice. You may work hard or work smart – either way, you get the same result which is increased productivity at the office. But some are confused on how it can be done. If you are one of those who needs reminding, stick around and read these tidbits…


Tidbit #1

It is best to wake up at least 2 to 3 hours and add travel time to that before work time is up. So, for example, if your day starts at 9AM, you have to be up by 7AM at least. It will be most ideal to do it earlier like around 6AM.

Why wake up early? Successful and driven people do not waste time. They go about their day making each minute count to climb the fulfilling ladder of career success. Wake up early, exercise to pump up your nerves (and being), eat a balanced meal, read some book pages, talk to loved ones and then, start the car and go to the office.

Tidbit #2

Waking up early brings us to the second tip which is go on with your day with a plan at hand. If you have a ready schedule for your day, no time is wasted. This is how the successful people do it. Their day is organized and scheduled so as not to delay things that needs attention.

Tidbit #3

How does a productive person make his daily schedule? You have to do that the night before you go to sleep. List everything that needs done for the next day so when you wake up next morning, you see purpose. There is direction. You are empowered to do what you are supposed to do for the day and make good with that.

Tidbit #4

Making your daily schedule can be tricky. It can consume an enormous amount of time to make a whole list of things-to-do. So, in order to maximize the time you spend writing the events of your day, think about priority. Which task needs to be completed first? Which task is not as equally important? Do the most immediate task and finish it first. Once the list is done, you can say to yourself that you have been productive and effective in finishing your list for the day. That is how successful individuals tackle their day.

Tidbit #5

When at the office, you have to be focused. Shut off your mobile phone and screen personal calls except for life-altering emergencies, of course. You cannot be distracted. A 5-minute phone call can turn into one hour. This will delay you from doing what is supposed to be a priority. Work time must be sacred. Do not give in to disturbances.

Tidbit #6

By law, you are allowed a 1-hour lunch break and 2, 15 to 30 minute coffee breaks in the morning and the afternoon. Of course, you need to relax during the day but this is the point here. A person can finish eating in 30 minutes. Coffee can be consumed in 10 minutes. You can recharge and relax for that little bit of time. It is enough to do so. You can continue relaxing at home when you are done for the day.

You have to finish your work without further delay and if you take too long when eating out, your momentum will be disturbed. Your 1 hour will become 2. Your schedule will be interrupted. So, when taking a break, act quick, eat right and do not waste any more time.

Tidbit #7

Brainstorming and meetings are time-saving busters. This is a fact. So if you can, avoid going to meetings where a work decision cannot be reached. It will take you valuable hours of the day and yet nothing will be accomplished. An hour of meeting can be less effective compared to a 5 minute phone call. At least through phone, an action can be determined whereas in a meeting, many will give their ideas and the time to select where to go is long and tiring. Remember, meeting – no. Phone call to decide easily – yes. Make it 5 minutes, tops.

Tidbit #8

If you want to work productively, then, shut off your internet connection. Work time is work time. And even if you spend 10 minutes tweeting or liking at those social networks, it is still 10 minutes of your working time lost due to internet usage. You can always use the service after work hours when you are done and you are already in your relax mode. But if you are still at work, be firm and keep yourself from inputting your new status message or worse, playing an online game.

Tidbit #9

Go home if you are sick. You may be a workaholic who runs on a schedule every single day but a sick person going to work is not a good idea at all. What are you going to accomplish if you are not at your best? Have you thought of that? No. So, to remind you, if you are having health issues, go to the doctor and have yourself treated accordingly. Stay home and rest. When you are better, you can pick up where you left off and chances are, you will be challenged to finished your work pile to compensate for your absence.

Tidbit #10

Reward yourself. In order for you to work better at the office, there must be a driving force or a motivational factor to keep you going. Plan a trip. Save up for a new bag or set of wardrobe. Buy an insurance plan. You can think of what you love to have or experience and then, keep that in mind. Work hard for it so that you can get the funds to support the gift to yourself, the act of self-love. If you push yourself to achieve your financial goal, you will be the most driven employee in your office.