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How Can You Delete Cookies and Retain Passwords at the Same Time

If you have learned how to clear your cookies and cached information, you may have noticed you also can lose your saved passwords. While it may be worth having to retype passwords in order to remove other temporary information, it can also be a hassle. Sometimes we can forget a password or two. This is especially true when you use different passwords for different websites. Often there are websites that demand specific types of passwords. These can be passwords that include special symbols or numbers that you would not otherwise use. Because of this, sometimes you can lose very important passwords, like your online banking or Paypal password, which can be a hassle to retrieve. So how can you save your password while still removing cookies?

Internet Explorer

Open your Internet Explorer, click the “Safety” tab, and find your option to clear browser history. You will want to select “Delete Browsing Information”, but you will want to only delete “Temporary Internet Files” as well as “Cookies.” Make sure that “Favorite website data” and “Passwords” are unchecked so you can keep them saved on your computer. Now you can click delete and will have removed the unwanted information while still retaining the necessary information.


Locate your “Tools” section in your “All Programs” of Firefox. Locate and select the “Tools” section. Once you have found it, you should see a “Clear Recent History” option. Click the drop-down menu that is named “Time Range to Clear” and select “Everything” from the options. Now click the arrow button located next to the “Details” option so you can see the items that are noted under “Everything.” Make sure the “Cookies” and “Cache” options are checked and deselect the “Active Logins” option. “Cache” is another term for temporary internet files. “Active Logins” is another term for passwords. Once you are sure those items are selected and deselected accordingly, click “Clear Now.” You will have thus removed all the unnecessary information.

With both Firefox and Internet Explorer, there is a possibility your password will not be present when you enter a usual website. However, when you type the first letter or so of your username, a drop box will show the whole name. Click on the username and the password should automatically appear in the proper section.

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