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How Mobile Software Helps To Identify Infidelity In The Earlier Stage

Have you ever wondered about the late night calls and SMS from unknown numbers? Does your spouse spend weekends out citing work reasons? All these are sufficient reasons to suspect that your spouse is having an affair. But how do you go about confirming the same before confronting them. Mobile software helps you to gather evidence to support your claims of infidelity. The features available in mobile monitoring software help you catch those who are cheating behind your back red handed.

how mobile software helps to identify infidelity in the earlier stageInstallation of Mobile Monitoring Software

By monitoring their calls, mails and text messages, you can find out if your spouse is cheating on you. The features in mobile monitoring software are designed to track the phone’s activities. All that you need to do is to gain physical access of your spouse’s mobile to install the mobile software. Come up with good and reliable reasons to borrow the phone; like downloading a new ring tone or importing a beautiful screen saver. Once you gain physical access, download the software from its website and complete the installation procedure. The installation process will be over in a few minutes, thereby arising no suspicion.

Monitor the activities of your spouse

Once you install the monitoring software, the mobile phone will function like a cellspy and help you to monitor and track your spouse’s activities. You can review all the recorded information in real time by accessing your user account provided by the mobile software provider at the time of purchase. This account can be accessed remotely at any time.

  • Track all calls

You can track all incoming and outgoing calls by reviewing the call log maintained by the mobile software. You can obtain complete details of all calls along with their time and duration. Even if your spouse intentionally deletes a dialed or calling number, a record of the same would have already been done by the mobile software.

  • Listen in to the surroundings Live

Most of the mobile software provides information in real time. You can remotely command the phone to activate the microphone helping you to listen in to the conversations in live, enabling you to verify if your spouse is cheating on you.

  • Function in a stealth mode

The objective of any mobile monitoring software is to find the truth. So, it should be able to record the activities without the knowledge of the suspected person. The biggest advantage of the mobile monitoring software is its ability to function in a covert mode. There will be no trail of the installation or functioning, thus serving the purpose of spying on your spouse.

  • Monitor all texts and mails

SMS texting and emailing are the preferred modes of communication. You can track your spouse’s mails and texts including the full contents by reviewing them through a remote user account. A record of the mails and texts can provide you with the necessary information on a suspecting spouse.

  • Locate your spouse

The provision of the GPS tracking in the mobile monitoring software will help you to pinpoint the location of your spouse. You can track your spouse with the GPS installed in the mobile software

Thus, by utilizing the many features in mobile monitoring software, you can easily expose the activities of your cheating spouse with substantial evidence

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