how to achieve the result you want in work

How to achieve the result you want in work

So you want to be successful. We all want success in our work life, but many people out there do not know how to make those wants attainable goals. Instead of striving for what they desire, they feel defeated before they even begin. Do not become bogged down by self-doubt and naysaying. Instead, create a system that can gain you the jobs, raises, and promotions you have always wanted. The tricks to achieving them are sparingly simple and keeping them in mind when you begin your journey to success is key.

Know What You’re Aiming For

The number one most important rule to any successful venture is to know exactly what you want. Once you have a real concept of what it is that you are shooting for it becomes much easier to be able to actualize it by starting the actions that you it takes to make it to your goal. Do not fall into the trap of just saying that you “want something better” or that you “wish there was more to life.” Instead, you need to have a specific want that you can then start working towards. If it is a job you want, then specify it. If it is a specific project, or a desired level of income, then make it your focus. Without a specific focus, you are liable to move in too many directions at once and inevitably fail at all of them.

Know What Steps Need to Be Taken

It is one thing to figure out what it is you want to accomplish; but before you run off trying to accomplish them, think about what you will need in order to succeed. If it is a project you want to finish, then you need to think of what kind of time and materials it will take. If it is a promotion or job opportunity that you want to seize, then you must consider all the options you have to succeeding in that goal. Trying to simply throw yourself at an idea will usually result in you having no success at all. Avoid a Don Quixote-like approach and instead take a moment after realizing what you want, to focus on what you will need. All the tools are often available in front of you, and taking the time to create an inventory will speed up your process to success.

Know What Route to Take

Along with knowing what you need is knowing what direction to head. Think of it this way, while you need the car to take the trip, you also have to make sure that you are on the right road. Now knowing if the path you have chosen leads you to your desired goal is dangerous. Whether you are trying to land the dream job, dream promotion, or that next tax bracket, making sure that you have secured the proper pathway to that goal is necessary to achieving it. People can waste considerable time and effort by not taking a moment to assess if what they are currently doing can bring them success. Especially in the workplace this can be a very dangerous misstep. Keeping your head up now and again can help you not lose focus on the direction you are heading, and save you from weeks, months, or years’ worth of backtracking caused by not navigating toward your goal properly.

Get Up And Start!

With all the emphasis on planning and double-checking, you my forget to actually start moving. Do not be one of those people that always talks about that job they want or that level of financial security they have always dreamed of. Instead, be that person that plans efficiently and then takes action. You can plan yourself into a tizzy and end up nowhere if you forget to take that first step forward. Remember not to sacrifice one for the other. This means do not avoid planning well to begin your journey, and do not put off acting because you are afraid you have not planned enough. There are always contingencies you cannot predict or be aware of all of the time; however, if you have taken the proper steps to know what you want, how to get it, and if where you are leads you toward it, then you can begin your progress forward with no concern.

Keep an Eye on Your Progress

Once you have started moving forward toward your dream job or level of success, do not sit on your laurels. Just because you started does not mean the journey is over. Try to remember that while starting is an important and difficult first step, you still have a long way to go. You can trust in your strategies all you want, but remembering to keep some kind of progress report or checklist can help you organize your understanding on where you on in the process. Try not to bog yourself down too much with specifics in a progress report. Instead, simply make sure that you are staying the course, that your wants have not changed, and that you are still making progress in general.

Stay Positive

Above all, it is important to stay positive about your efforts, even if times become tough. No great story has ever been told without an obstacle or two. Keep that in mind when your drive for success runs into a rough patch. It may sounds simple to just “stay positive,” but more often than not it is the hardest part of any journey.

Success can be a difficult goal to obtain. In order to achieve it takes proper planning, action, and willpower. Once you are capable of providing all three of those components, you will have the best opportunity for success. Remember that a journey to success takes a dream first, and so one should never be afraid to have the dream or goal. The dream job, sought-after promotion, or level of financial gain is only as far away as you allow it to be. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to attain those goals more often than not.

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