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How to Avoid the Weight Loss Gone Wrong Crisis

When you want to lose weight, it is often difficult to remember that you must keep in mind your general health and safety. While some may think that diets and workout regimens are surely safe, it is not always true for everyone. Particularly if you are severely overweight, or already malnutritioned, particular diet and exercise strategies can because more harm than good. How to know which weight loss strategies are safest for you takes both common-sense knowledge as well as talking with a physician or nutritionist (when possible). If you cannot do the latter because of a lack of availability or funds, then keeping in mind some simple advisable strategies in your decision-making is key.

how to avoid the weight loss gone wrong crisisDo the Math

There is a simple concept to always keep in mind when you are looking to lose weight. If you burn more calories than you take in per day, you will lose weight. Many individuals take in far more calories than they burn off per day. This is what causes some frustration is dieting attempts, wherein the person thinks they are cutting out a lot of their diet, when in reality they are still taking in more than they burn each day. Cutting down one’s calorie intake to less than 2,000 per day and coupling it with consistent and productive workouts will almost always lead to weight loss. The average person should attempt to take in seven calories for every pound they weight. This means a 150lbs individual should take in around 1,050 calories. It is important to note that most doctors agree that no one should cut their diet to less than 1,000 calories per day. By keeping the calories nearer to 500 below the output per day, one can often lose 2-4 pounds of fat per week.

Know Your Goal

It is not healthy to continually lose weight and often there is an optimal weight for any height and body type. Setting a particular amount can help anyone achieve their target weight both quickly and safely. For instance, if one wishes to lose 10 pounds, then one can do so in less than a month by exercising regularly for nearly an hour a day and keeping their caloric intake 400-500 below their output.  Once one reaches the 10 pounds mark they can raise their caloric intake to meet their output and sustain the weight they desire. This way, the person does not deplete their body and cause it to fall into a starvation mode. Avoiding starvation mode in the body is important. When the body believes it is starving, then it begins to keep all the calories it can, and it becomes more difficult to burn the calories off.

Healthy Over Sexy

Remember that while losing weight quickly can make you feel like you look good, it is difficult to sustain unless you do so in a healthy (and thus safe) manner. Simply starving yourself or putting yourself through an over-the-top workout regimen only hurts you and your body. Not only that, but your body is much more likely to simply gain the weight back as soon as it begins to feel the negative effects. You can also cause injury to your body during crash-diets and intensive workouts without proper nutrition. Muscles and joints need minerals and vitamins as well as plenty of water to function properly. Diets are not very likely to work while one cannot supplement them with workouts or general activity, and it is harder or impossible to do after certain injuries.

Water and Veggies

Regardless of the particulars of your diet to lose weight rapidly, two items are always key to success. Lots of water and plenty of vegetables are always the cornerstone of healthy and safe dieting. Many vegetables have plenty of minerals and vitamins, and hold few calories in them. This means your body will feel full and filled with all the right items without being overstocked with calories. Many doctors and physicians say that many individuals who believe they are hungry are actually just thirsty. Many individuals are slightly dehydrated without even realizing it, and because water can be found in foods, it can trick us into thinking we need to eat. Keeping one’s self hydrated means one is less likely to give into the temptation of food. Water and vegetables also give one the energy to workout longer and more efficiently, which can mean burning more calories while you take in less. If you can stick to a high level of vegetables on water, you can easily lose weight more rapidly and in fact will need to ensure you are getting enough protein and calories in so as not to drop too much weight too quickly.

High Protein

While the veggies and water are the foundation of a safe diet, one must also remember to supplement their body with proper amounts of protein. This does not have to entail a high amount of red meat or fatty meat items. Proteins can be found in items like yogurts, nuts, peanut butter and so on. Protein is useful because it facilitates higher and more sustained levels of activity. Protein that is turned into muscle also often means better circulation to the necessary parts of the body that can facilitate higher levels of fat burning during even regular activities.


The usefulness of caffeine in weight-loss has been known for quite some time, and using it before a workout can be highly beneficial to healthy weight loss. It is important to remember that caffeine is, however, a stringent and mildly addictive. It should not be utilized in excess just like any other stimulant. Excessive use can affect the body’s metabolism and cause negative outcomes. The strategy for a safe and rapid weight loss with caffeine is as follows: Simply utilize items like caffeinated teas or a cup of coffee before a workout. By doing so the caffeine can help the body burn calories more efficiently. By burning calories more efficiently one will be able to take in more calories per day while working out at a slightly lower rate or overall amount.

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