How to care for wooden floors

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How to care for wooden floors

You have decided to install new wooden floors or you already have them in your house. You have had a great carpentry work done and now you want to know how to care for wooden floors. It is not as easy as it sounds, but you will for sure change the way you are cleaning your floors after you read today’s article.

Put an end on the damaged, scratched wooden floors

Why do we all love the wooden floor? But because it is unique. To be precise, it is one of those elements that upgrade the aesthetics and the aura of each house, giving it a natural sense of elegance. So for you who declare fans of … floor wood, we have found and present to you the 5 basic tips that will help you keep the floor of your house smooth and shiny forever.

Get off your heels Sorry fashionistas, but your love of heels can be devastating to your hardwood floor. In other words, you have to learn to separate from them as soon as your steps find wood. The same is true for your guests – they may sneeze when you ask them to take off your shoes, but it is worth sacrificing a few minutes of whining for perfect floors that touch eternity.

Do not wear heels when walking on your wooden floors

Please do yourself a favour and stop wearing heels in your house. Especially if you have wooden floors. Imagine all the hard work and money that you have spent on these floors, to be destroying them with your heels. Limit the heels for your gatherings and parties only. And make sure that your guests do not throw any cigarettes on your floors because that would be the end of them.

Put carpets on your wooden floors

Bukhara (carpet), the necessary Especially in winter, it is not possible not to lay carpets in the house for both practical and aesthetic reasons. In the practical reasons for the existence of carpets, you can now include the wooden floor. This is because the carpet will save it from those days when children return home with their shoes full of dirt and mud.

Watch out for the cleaning products you are using on them

No bleach! He is a born “enemy” of wooden floors. The wooden floor requires care and treatment that common cleaners can not provide, resulting in wear and tear. Invest in a good wood floor cleaner that can cost a little more, but will keep your floor spotless.

Your pets should not scratch your floors

Keep them away for the wooden floors! As much as you love your pet, his claws can leave indelible marks on your wooden floor. In practice, this means that the pedicure is imposed on your pet from the moment you chose to put in your home … the parquet. It may seem like an exaggeration now, but – believe us – this way you will never see abrasions and scratches on the floor.
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Make sure your pets do not move freely on your wooden floors. Their nails can do a lot of damage.

Be careful when you vacuum your floors

Proper vacuuming is key for wooden floors. The vacuum cleaner can easily damage your delicate wooden floor and its hard and rough mouth is to blame for everything. In other words: The vacuum cleaner is strictly forbidden for all wooden surfaces unless its brush is extremely soft. If you do not happen to have a vacuum cleaner or after reading this you do not want to vacuum your own floors any more, then there are other ways that you can clean them.

You should either use a traditional broom but it would not clean your floors as good as you like. Another option is a type of cloth -broom that will help you clean your wooden floors without damaging them. Microfibre cloths are the best because they can trap dust and hair.

The same goes for mopping, are used to choose a mop that will not leave too much water on your floors because then time after time they will get destroyed or marked. You can use the same microfibre cloths dipped in water and a little bit of wooden floor detergent and making sure that you have squeezed most of the water out, mop your floors.

Carpentry expert crew in New Jersey

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