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How to Clean Your Laptop Keyboard and Remove Dust the Proper Way

From time to time, we all become a bit busy and forget to keep up with our laptop aesthetic maintenance. That can mean our keyboard becoming filled with dust and grime. You do not have to be an exceedingly dirty person for your keyboard to become filthy. It is quite easy for the keys to collect dirt and lint underneath them, and even small spills or splatter can cause keys to stick or general stickiness to occur. The best way to avoid the hassle of big cleanings is to keep up with small cleanings. That said, sometimes it can simply slip one’s mind. In that case, there are a few simple tips to efficiently cleaning out the keyboard without worry of damaging the keys or the computer itself.

Step 1

Make sure you turn your computer off first. It is easy to damage your computer or accidently strike command keys when cleaning if it is on.

Step 2

Make sure that everything from your mouse to USB connectors is unplugged. You must then decide whether it is worth your time to remove the keys from the laptop. Removing the keys can take a little time but provides a better cleaning capability. They can be remounted after you are done cleaning. Make sure you are 100% sure where every key goes. You do not want to switch keys into inappropriate spots.

Step 3

Option 1: You can also use a mini-vacuum to clear out the debris. The compressed air can easily push dirt and lint out from under keys or corners of the laptop.  The mini-vacuum is usually more suited for when the keys are removed, although it can still clean up most of the debris even with the keys still attached.

Option 2: You can also take a slightly dampened rag or paper towel and apply it in between the key areas or on the keys themselves. There are particular cleaning liquids you can use; however, water and the tiniest amount of diluted soap can work as well. Make sure that you wipe off excess water or soap. It is important the keyboard remain dry.  Using too much water or soap-substance can mean that the water leaks underneath the keyboard. This can cause considerable damage to the computer. You also do not want to damage your circuits that are underneath the keyboard.

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