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How To Connect Your Laptop To Television

There was once a time when you considered your computer and television as two separate components. Nowadays, you can link your laptop directly to your computer. This means that you can use your larger television monitor as a screen for all your computing. Whether it is to watch movies or simply have a more easily viewable screen when working, you can have a two-in-one machine.

Check all Parts

The first thing you will have to do to make sure this is possible with your particular laptop and television is to identify the connections. Locate the television’s connections capabilities on the back of the box or monitor. Your computer’s connectors and receivers will be located either on the side, or the back of your laptop. Depending upon your computer and television model, there will be five possible ports. The Composite/Phone plug (RCA), the S-Video, the Video Graphics Array (VGA), the Digital Video Interface (DVI) and the High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). The RCA is for analog audio and video. Even modern televisions should have these basic hookups. They are often referred to as the “Red, white, yellow” connectors, as their three prongs are colored as such.  They are the easiest way to link your computer and TV, but are often low in quality. It is the same for the S-Video, which tends to be on older models and is still of lower quality. HDMI hooks up to more modern televisions that provide the option. DVI ports are found on Macs and may even need adapters, depending on the model used. Whatever type of connection you are using; make sure that the cables and ports connect properly. Most are easy to find online or at a local digital goods store.

Tuning Ratios

Sometimes, you will find that your computer screen seems either “smooshed” or “stretched”, depending on your television type. If this happens, you will need to recalibrate your computer’s ratio to fit your TV screen.  This can be done by right-clicking the heading to your Screen Resolution settings in your Display folder. You will then need to decide which setting works best for your television. Many older televisions and computers will have a simple 4:3 ratio that works just fine. However, computers that are more modern use widescreen or ratios not common on older televisions. Many modern televisions have specific ratios needed for pictures to look proper, and your computer may not provide that pixel necessity on its default setting. If that is the case, it is often just a matter of trial and error. Adjust both your TV and computer screens until you find a quality that works best for you. If you own a Mac, you will likely have a computer that can adjust itself automatically. Adjustments can still be made if there is a slight lacking in definition or ratios.

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