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How to Create an iOS App On Your iPad

Creating apps is both fun and also can be very lucrative. If you have a great idea or creative concept that you want to get out into the world, then you can make your own iOS app for virtually nothing. The hardest part is always the bit where you try to actually come up with the idea. What is more frustrating and difficult is coming up with an idea when you are nowhere near your computer. But now there is the iPad, which makes it possible for you to create your concept quickly and easily from anywhere on the go. You no longer have to worry about scribbling down the idea or calling texting yourself ,hoping that you remember the concept. You can begin making your iOS application on the spot with your iPad.

Codify Basics

The first thing you have to know is that you still need to be able to code somewhat well . Codify uses a Lua programming language is what allows a game to come to life. It allows you to create your application or game much quicker and easier than other coding processes. Think of it as a middle ground between pure coding language and general  language. Because it is on an iPad there are touchscreen capabilities that will wow those who have experience in old-hand programming. For instance, with Codify on your iPad, you can set your “color ()” by simply clicking on the brackets and then using a color wheel, wherein your color will then be set. The general tap-and-drag feature on the Codify is a fantastic edition. It not only makes things easier, but those who are new to programming will both be able to work quickly. The resulting code will help them see what it is they must type when they do some cut-and-dry coding. Basically, it can be said that Codify is a fantastic software for those who are intermediate app makers who want to have a quick-and-easy hand’s on approach to coding cute and creative ideas.


There are still some restrictions on Codify, but the general ban on the ability for those to create and excel in such creativity has been lifted. There is a bit of a blockade on overall creativity for the iPad work. If one is a hard-nosed coder or programmer, they will likely find the iPad app programming to be stifling. It is usually the case that those who code abhor the concept of being stifled, so it may not be the best match for them. Still, for the rest of us, you can make great applications on your iPad, which means you can be making apps almost anywhere in the world.


The best part about the Lua system is that it is easy to learn and allows one to program with much less coding experience. The ability to create games from anywhere is a huge draw, especially as moments of inspiration are often on the go. The Open Source library is fantastic as well. Codify is an $8 application. It is compatible with tablets that are running iOS 4.0 or above. There is an update that may be downloaded for a little more content as well. And as far as creating application, the same rules will apply as any other coding or programming creation.

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