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How to Get Rid Of Blocked Nose Fast

One of the worst feelings is when you cannot breathe out of your nose. This can cause headaches, grogginess, and a general feeling of being sick.  Nobody likes to have this feeling. What can you do about it? It seems as if nothing will ever take away a stuffed up nose. There are a few simple tips for things that you can do that might give you some relief.

The first thing you can try may sound kind of strange, but it may help. What you are going to do is pinch your nose and close your mouth. You are going to be holding your breath. This is so the CO2 will build up and will dilate your arteries. Once you have done that you need to start walking. You will need to take about twenty to thirty steps each time you do this. Once you have completed the walking you then need to sit down and start taking shallow, controlled breaths. You need to keep this exercise up for one to two minutes. After you have completed the entire exercise, your nose should be much clearer. Do not blow your nose hard, or start breathing heavy, or taking deep breaths, for this could cause your nose to become blocked again.

Another way to unblock your nose is to buy decongestant, or nasal spray, at any local pharmacy. There are many medicines that make such items. These items promise that once you have used it, you will be able to breathe out of your nose again within minutes. These medicines work because they contain an ingredient that constricts you blood vessels in your nose. When you are sick or just have a stopped up nose, these vessels are swollen, making it hard to breathe out of your nose. Once you have given yourself one spray up each nostril, you should be feeling much better in just minutes.

Being sick is miserable, and when you pile on a blocked or stuffed up nose, it is almost unbearable. There are ways to get rid of this symptom very simply. Either you can spend a few dollars for almost instant relief, or you can go the route that does not cost you anything. This method may take a little more time, but it is also just as effective.

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