how to get yourself employed

How To Get Yourself Employed

Finding a way to make yourself employable can be tough. In over a decade of being work-age,`I have had a handful of opportunities to cultivate my ability to become employable. There are pitfalls and success tips all over the place. The internet is full of “how to get your dream job” and “how to land the job you want.” However, what it all comes down to is preparedness; poise, perseverance, and making sure that you know yourself and what you want. So many people w)ll waste time trying for jobs they do not want, or attempting for jobs they know they cannot get. To become employable it is best that you follow some simple common-sense practices

Make a list of what employers want to know about me

The first thing I do when looking for work is to make a list of things I want to any employer to know about me. I am not talking about name, location, gender and so on. What I mean is that I think of those qualities, experiences, and skills-possessed that best describes what it is that makes me a great candidate for employment. The first thing I do is list my skills. This is always something that employers want to know about and sounding as if you know exactly what makes you, a strong candidate will express a sense of confidence. If I am good at keeping items and schedules in line, I write down that I have “superior organizational skills.” If I have a positive attitude and enjoy speaking with people, then I can write down “strong people skills and positive work attitude.” There is no limit to how many you can come up with and by writing them down you can internalize them and they will be easier to express when you meet with possible employers.

Get the job and education qualifications ready

After I have my intangible skills focused, I make sure to note all my tangible ones. These include education degrees, work certificates, past experience gathered, and past employers. Getting yourself a job means making sure your preparation to work is just as thorough as the work you are seeking to do.

Shortlist job types based on your strength

Now that you have your list of skills and ascertained experience, you have to know what type of work you are looking for. Going after a job that does not suit your skills or you are unqualified for is wasting everyone’s time. If I am not strong in language skills, then there is no reason to apply for journalism jobs. Make sure you know exactly what types of jobs suit your skills best.

Approach an employment centre for guidance

If you are having a hard time knowing what will suit you, or you are new to the market and perhaps are not clear what would be best for you, there are centers that help you understand what might be the best fit for you. Employment centers cannot only help guide you toward the proper job, but also connect you with the right people to find you work. Entering into a job opportunity from an employment center can sometimes give you an edge in the hiring process, as frequenting an employment center shows initiative.

Be confident and display the right attitude

One thing I always like to keep in mind is that my attitude does 40% of the work. Of course, you need to have some education, some experience, or a combination of the two for many jobs in the working world, but your attitude does the rest of the work. When you enter a workplace and ask wish to turn in your resume, a disheveled and shy persona will not help you one bit. Employers like to see someone with spunk, initiative and assertiveness. When I enter a workplace, I remember to keep my head up, make eye contact with whomever I am speaking with, and speak slowly and clearly. All of these skills show I am confident and will keep me in the mind of the employer.

In today’s modern age, remembering that many of the jobs around the globe are online-based can drastically improve your chances of being hired. Whether the work is as a writer, data-entry worker, virtual assistant, artist, editor, web-designer, or thousands of other like jobs, utilizing online sites to find work can help improve your chances. Online jobs can range from the entry level to highly technical just as in the real world. All the same principles apply save for that instead of speaking to individuals one often will be writing out resumes and speaking with employers over email or chat.

When attempting to obtain online work, remember to avoid using the same generic email or application for every job. No employer wants to hire an individual who is just going through the motions. I make sure to mention the name of the company at least twice in the job application. That way, the employer knows that I am concerned with his or her specific company and job, and not just sending out generic emails to countless employers.

Do not give up and remain positive

No matter what type of job I am looking for I remember that I should not be discouraged by failure. Almost invariably, when there is a job opening there are multitudes of persons who wish to obtain said job. I am simply one of many and I should not become despondent if I do not get the first job I see. This can become difficult if you fail to nab four or five jobs you come across that you truly like; however, worrying does me no good and can eat away at my confidence. Instead, I look at the missing out on the jobs as an opportunity for other jobs to come along. As long as I do not give up on looking for jobs that fit my skills and I am interested in, I will have little trouble finding a worthwhile job in a matter of time.

Making yourself employable means knowing yourself, using the tools you have picked up throughout your life, utilizing networking skills, and continued perseverance. It is hard to failure when you refuse to accept it. Whether the job is one for supplemental income or a career job, the key to making yourself employable is your preparedness, ability, and attitude.

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how to get yourself employed

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