how to make clear ice cubes the proven way

How to Make Clear Ice Cubes- the Proven Way

When you are out at a restaurant, you may notice that your ice cubes are clear. This may have peaked your interest as you considered the fact that the ice cubes that you make at home are nowhere near clear. In fact, many homes have ice cubes that look about as cloudy as a winter day. This is not an accident, nor is it a trick of the restaurants with some sort of fancy clear ice cube maker. It is simply an effect of science and the type of freezing process that is done.

Use Clean Water

Many restaurants, especially higher quality restaurants, utilize cleaner water than you do at home. Let’s face it – most of us use regular tap water, which we run a tray under and then immediately throw, into the freezer. Restaurants often used distilled water. The cleaner the water, the better chance you have of being able to create clear ice cubes. The excess minerals and pollution of the water can compromise the general clarity of the ice cube. You have two obvious options for making a clear ice cube at home. You can either used distilled water, or you can boil tap water. Boiling water removes most of the tidbits that can compromise the ice’s cloudiness. However, you will still need a filtering contraption. You can use items like Brita water filters, whether or not you boil the water first.

Layered Freezing

Just because you use distilled water does not mean you will end up with perfectly clear ice cubes. The clearness is a product of the water slowly cooling. Freezing happens in layers. As each layer of water freezes, it lends itself to the cooling of the next layer, which also freezes. When this occurs too quickly, cracking and cloudiness can occur as air attempts to escape. Keep this in mind when you attempt to freeze your ice as your trays may be half your problem.

Good Ice Trays

Having the proper ice tray can help you create your clear ice. This is not just a case of “more expensive is better”. A more high-end ice tray will allow your ice to cool down in the proper layering form. Some icetrays even having topping contraptions that will ensure your water slowly freezes, and thus does not fall victim to cracking. Metal icetrays work much better than basic ice trays as well. Metal causes an even cooling around the water, which lends itself to the proper layering method.

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how to make clear ice cubes the proven way

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