how to make your towels as white as the ones in hotels

How to Make Your Towels As White As The Ones In Hotels

If you have ever been on a trip and needed a hotel, you may have noticed that the hotel towels are almost invariably white. Not only are the towels white, but they are almost impossibly vibrant white. This seems almost impossible, given that these are practically public towels. In your own home, towels may lose their vibrancy no matter what you do. Many people have tried many different strategies to keep their towels clean – whether it is by bleach, oxyclean, and bluing. Most people realize that these purchasable items simply are not enough. So what is the secret of the hotels? How do they keep their towels so vibrant and white? The answers are actually rather simple, and it is not a shifty trick like simply swapping them out.

High Temperature

The temperature needs to be placed at what is the standard high temperature during the wash. That means somewhere around 160 degrees. If your washer cannot accommodate this high temperature, use the highest setting it does have. You can also take your white laundry to a local laundry store, wherein they may accommodate such high temperatures. The reason the high temperature is important, is because you want to be able to separate the dirt and grime from the fabric. At lower temperatures, the grime and filth are less likely to be removed. This compromises the vibrancy of your whites.

Bleach and Detergent

If you are only using detergent to wash your whites, you may have discovered half of your problem right there. Bleach is dedicated to making sure whites stay their whitest. Bleach can also help remove stains. Remember, however, to pre-treat stains to make sure that the towels are salvageable in the first place. If a stain goes through the washer and dryer and has not been removed, it will likely be there for good. While hotels can throw their towels away, this is a bit impractical for the average household.

All-White Laundry Load

Because you are using such high temperatures and utilizing bleach, you will want to keep your white towels separate from any colors. This is not only for the obvious reason of your colors being ruined, but it is also because the colors from other clothing or towels can bleed over on the white towels. Even if the colors do not fully bleed, there is also some residual bleeding. This can obviously affect the whiteness of your towels.

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how to make your towels as white as the ones in hotels

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