how to pick the right college degree like a boss

How To Pick The Right College Degree Like A Boss

Going to college is a really important part of anyone’s life. At the end of your four years you’ll receive a degree but in the process you will grow as a person, you will meet new friends and you will prepare yourself for a career in whatever field you’re studying.

But for every person who enjoys college and gets a degree in something they enjoy and really love, there is someone else who hates their experience of college, simply because they picked the wrong degree. Here are some really useful tips on how to pick the right college degree, so you’re not left in a situation where you have to spend the next four years suffering through a degree program that you hate.

Pick What YOU Are Interested In

It seems obvious to pick something that you are genuinely interested in and actually passionate about, but people will often pick what major they’re going to take based on other irrelevant factors.

If you base your decision on the average salary you might get from your degree or national employment figures, then you might pick a degree that seems like a great choice, because statistics say you’ll earn a lot and be guaranteed a job, but it might be completely unsuited to your personality, interests and knowledge.

Motivation plays a big role in how well do at your degree, the more you enjoy a subject, the more natural motivation you will have. The reverse is true of subjects you hate, you won’t feel the same drive and hunger to do well.

Get Some Work Experience First

Work experience is easily one of the best ways you’ll find out whether or not you want to pursue a career in a certain field. You’ll be able to get a taste of what people in your preferred industry do day-to-day, you’ll be able to see what really goes on instead of what people tell you second hand.

Gaining work experience is really easy too, you’ll be able to get a non-paid placement with 99% of companies because people rarely turn down young, enthusiastic students who simply want experience and no financial compensation in return.

Whilst you’ll be able to find opportunities from simply cold calling companies or going into their office and asking if you can get a few days of work experience, the best way to gain these opportunities is through family and friends, ask them if they know someone who will offer you a temporary role, this is normally much simpler and quicker than asking people you don’t know.

Not Sure, Don’t Go

This might be a hard pill to swallow but if you’re not 100% sure which subject you want to take then don’t go. Only pick a degree once you’re definitely sure because all of that debt is not worth it, if you end up with a college degree that you don’t enjoy or don’t want.

It can be as difficult a decision as actually choosing a degree, because all your friends are off to college and it might seem like you’re wasting a year, but you can use those 12 months to gain work experience so you’re certain of which course you want to take in the future.

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how to pick the right college degree like a boss
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