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How To Prevent Your Colleagues From Backstabbing You At Work

Have you ever experienced those “looks” from your co-workers? Was there even an instance that you and another colleague had an altercation at work and the next day, the gossips overflowed? They are called Backstabbers.

Backstabbers are people who hate others because that is the only way they can uplift themselves. They are a pity really because these individuals have low self-esteem and self-confidence. They mask it by being the back biters that they are, finding faults with their neighbors, classmates, friends or colleagues. They are just unhappy about themselves and their outlet that unhappiness is picking on another person.

 how to prevent your colleagues from backstabbing you at workHave you Ever Encountered a Backstabber?

 You may not know it but the typical office backstabber is rubbing shoulders with you! One minute you are thick as thieves and the next minute, you are some hot gossip topic in your department. It may be that you are a good-hearted person and you see only what is positive about other people. But in the professional world, these backstabbers will create a nuclear disaster about you and you will end up jobless. This is happening and this is very true.

 Now, you have to evade these office psychopaths. You have to preserve yourself and put on some protection gear. So, how can you spot a potential backstabbing colleague?

1. Backbiters are “lurkers”. They are just around the corner spying on you: what you say, what you do, how you act, how you react and when you do all of it. This is for the sole purpose of enacting your exact move and words when he or she acts like a clown in front of people who will listen and do the backbiting thing.

2. If you have a colleague who acts so interested in you and goes to your office or cubicle for no particular reason and starts some little chit chat, then, be careful. Do not divulge personal or work stuff to this person. The chit chat is a ploy to trick you into talking which will eventually be your office downfall.

3. If a co-worker gossips about another colleague to you, then, that is the ultimate sign. Stay away from this person. If he or she will get info from you, it is very likely that the next person to be gossiped on is you.

Now you have tips on how to spot your office backbiter. The point now is how will you distance yourself from this person? Or if this individual hits you and attempts to destroy you, how must you bounce back without appearing to be a low person as well? Here are five reminders for you.

Less is More…

You are in the office to practice your profession, to improve on your work skills and earn a living. You are not there to divulge on your boyfriend, husband, kids, family and friends. In short, separate your personal and business life. The less you say about your private life, the more likely that you do not become a target of your backstabbing colleague.

Make a Connection…

It is very important to be surrounded by people you can trust at the office. It promotes harmony, camaraderie, team work and being “friends” with your colleagues can get the job done peacefully. It is also important that you show your boss who you really are in the office, as well. So that when the backstabber tries to make a hit, the bullet will not pierce through those people that you have connected with.

Knowing your Place and Taking One for the Team…

Doing your job as expected of you will become your driving force in the workplace but it can also be the eye opener for any backstabber to pull you down. Nevertheless, if you consistently try your best to deliver the work you are supposed to do and at times, take care of other things for your boss, supervisors or colleagues in need, you might get plus points. It is not about being a slave for your higher ups or an over-achiever who wants attention from officemates.

With this characteristic, you can show that you can be trusted and can be depended on. Beware though. If you are successful in doing your work, the “lurkers” are there to find faults. Brush them off. They are not worth your time.

Look at How you can Improve Yourself…

Work life is about self-improvement. You need to be better. You need to be greater. You need to touch the tip of the iceberg and say to yourself – hey I can achieve that too! If you see other people being successful, then, be happy for them. Ask them advices on how you can be that way too. If you teach yourself to grow, you will most likely be able to ward off backbiting officemates. Look at your own house and clean it. Beautify it and never compare houses – did you get the analogy?

With Success Come Great Responsibility…

So, you may be up for a promotion because you are hardworking, serious about your job, and a team player. Your colleagues which are in the same level as you will definitely stab a knife behind your back, so to speak. They will take the credit for your work or your idea. They will be dishonest about things at the office. They will even make stories about you, falsely.

Now, you know your capability and your ability to do the work. If the success is yours, you need to assert but do not be proud. Be humble of your achievements and maybe ask your superiors for room to improve. Ask them how you can be better at your job. Be modest and be down to earth but show them what your work is. Backstabbers cannot do the same work as you and the truth will always prevail over them.

You are now equipped on spotting an office gossip monger. You are now also knowledgeable on how to keep yourself from being stabbed by your office mates. You can now safely say that with your newfound wisdom about office settings, you will not be affected by backstabbing colleagues too. So go on and be confident about yourself and your job. It will be a challenge at times to deal with backbiting persons. Life is a struggle and you will shine when you know how to clip backbiters from the bud.

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