how to sooth mosquito bites with simple household items

How to Sooth Mosquito Bites With Simple Household Items

A bite from a mosquito can be a literal pain. No matter how often we use mosquito repellent or avoid the times of day when the bugs like to be out, we end up with one now and again. While it is almost impossible to hide from mosquitoes forever, it is possible to sooth the bites. And lucky for all of us, you do not have to use special creams or salves in order to sooth the itching and burning of the bites. Specific items around the house can instead take away the pain of the blood-sucking blood pilferers.

Baking Soda and Water

Long before there were specified special scientific remedies there was good old baking soda and water.  Using a tablespoon of baking soda mixed into water and applying it to a clean washcloth can help ease the itching.


The phrase “A little dab will do you” may not have been meant specifically for mosquito bites, but it sure does apply. To ease the pain of itching, take a simple dab of toothpaste and wait about 10 minutes. Then wash off the toothpaste with warm water. The itching should be relieved temporarily. Spearmint and peppermint work best to soothe the sensation.


While it may sound a bit odd, tobacco from a cigarette or tobacco snuff will heal bites from mosquitoes and other insects. Tobacco salve was utilized by natives, as well as some Europeans long ago to heal irritating bites and wounds from animals. Dampen some tobacco and place it on the affected area. Use medical tape or a Band-Aid to hold it in place for 10 or so minutes. Both the itching and pain should be reduced, as well as the redness.


Onions can be thought of as something new, other than just for producing tears. Cut a fresh slice and place it on the infected area, holding it in place for a couple of minutes. The itching and swelling should go down.

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Using either the juice or the rind can help the bite heal more quickly and with less overall irritation. It also keeps the wound from becoming infected. This is the best result for those bites that have accidently been scratched.


While there is some slight burning involved with rubbing raw garlic on the bite, the overall result is sheer relief. Try and use a piece that you have broken in half for best results. The smell of garlic also keeps mosquitoes away in general.

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how to sooth mosquito bites with simple household items

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