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How To Stay Positive In Your Job

Keeping a positive mindset and a creating and happy outlook is an important factor to the longevity of any worker. Workers who lose the ability to be positive then they lose their happiness, with lost happiness at work comes a predictable fall in the workers general efficiency, and thus their usefulness in the workplace. Obviously, losing one’s usefulness in the workplace can equal disaster. Keeping a keen focus on one’s positive outlook at work is paramount to quality work and work longevity.

Remember What Excited You In The First Place

Usually when we first enter a job we are excited about one thing or another. Sometimes we are excited by the opportunity of spendable income. Other times we are simply happy that the opportunity to have a place in the workforce is finally here. Regardless of the specific reason, we can sometimes lose that focus on the particular item that made us so excited and content with our job in the first place. When we lose that focus, we can also lose our overall positive attitude in our job. It is a curious reaction that we all have, but as common as it is it can be overcome. Take the time to remember how you felt right before you attained the job and how satisfied you were when you found out you had obtained it.

Stay Creative

Very often we can fall into a groove when at the same job for too long. This can spell disaster for our positive outlook as we become almost hypnotized by the common motions of the job. Finding ways to come up with new ways to make the same job more interesting can help maintain a “like new” feel to any job that you do. Be careful not to spend more time devising creative ways to do the work that sacrifice efficiency, as then you may not have a job at all. But selecting ways to make every-day tasks more interesting can keep your outlook positive.

What If It’s Not Just Boredom?

If you are having trouble with particular work items there are always ways to turn them into positives  and thus adjust your own attitude from negative to positive. Remembering that a lot of a positive attitude comes from your own decision to take the information and news that is gathered in a positive or negative manner. Here are some possible negatives that you can turn into positives.

Difficult Work Environment

A tedious, unproductive, or grinding work environment can be difficult to overcome. Instead of spending time and energy disliking it with all of your heart, try instead to find a way to make the obstacle your own personal challenge. This may seem like a long shot as there are days where you do not have the energy or wherewithal to truly attack a challenge with all of your energy; however, those days are usually lost causes anyway. So take the opportunity of days where you do have the energy and wherewithal to make any obstacle a challenge. Find ways to be more efficient, ease your workload or personal-cost-per-workload (how much energy it takes up) and find yourself a nice pair of earplugs. While you cannot solve every problem, making them something to solve instead of impossible obstacles helps.

Terrible Bosses or Coworkers

While this can affect even the most positive person’s mood, there are simple ways to make poor quality bosses and coworkers tolerable. First and foremost is to try to find any common ground that you and they have. Sometimes it is as easy as making a concerted effort and you can transform a work foe into a friend. Nothing makes that positive attitude surge like not having to dread a bad coworker. For bosses, it is much harder to find common ground. Instead, be respectfully upfront with the boss about the specific problem you are having. Remember that the boss will more than likely be defensive of the criticism at first; however, if you present your concern or frustration with a positive and caring attitude, you can enact change in their behavior over time.

Remember That Positivity Is  a Choice

No matter what your problem is, there is almost always a way to find a positive attitude regarding it. Certainly, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you. It can sometimes feel like there is simply no positive that can be taken out of the situation no matter how hard you try to find one. But if you are honest with yourself, and reapply the strategy of the remembering how your life was before the job, then you will be able find something positive about the work. Think of every negative being a possible positive if looked at from a different angle. If you are being worked long hours, you can take solace in the fact that you will have a bolstered paycheck. If your coworkers are lazy or otherwise unproductive, then you can take pride in your work ethic and ability. If you do not like your boss, then take time to appreciate every single other person in your life. And if your job is boring, then be happy that you can be paid to do simple work and, when not working, give all of your focus to your passions and goals. Positivity is a personal choice, and though it may be difficult at times, it is wholly in your hands to attempt.

While some of these options may not be applicable to your situation, and being positive may not be in your personal nature, giving them a shot cannot hurt if you are already unhappy at your work. Remember too that your cultivated positivity can mean that others around you become more positive. Infectious positivism will mean your entire work environment can improve and in a cyclical sense, you will again be made more positive. You can take the opportunity of your proactive reading of this article to be your first step into being the beacon for a positive work environment.

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