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How to Tell If You Are In A True Love Relationship?

Falling in love is a wonderful part of life. Being truly in love can be one of the greatest feelings possible. However, it can also be a subtle progression and realization. Quite honestly, sometimes we are fully in love, without noticing that it has reached that point. We may be assuming we are simply still enamored or crushing on the other person. Meanwhile, we may have unwittingly become fully emotionally invested in the other person. It is a great feeling when we realize it, but how can we tell? There are a few simple steps you can take to figuring out if you are truly in love.

Just Ask Yourself

Sometimes you can over-think the situation. It is a good idea to simply ask yourself if you are in love. If you have any true doubt when you ask yourself, then maybe you aren’t. However, the answer may come back that you think you really are. Now, that does not mean that it is so just yet, but it does mean you should investigate your emotions further.

Is it a Calming Feeling?

A lot of people confuse intense desire for the other person as love. This is pure folly, as we can become obsessed with almost anything. That does not mean that we feel “true love” for it. What it means is that we are simply obsessed. True love is a calm emotion that is as confident as it is intense. When we are confident in our love for a person, it can be called “true” love.

The World Will End Tomorrow

Take a moment and ask yourself, “If I knew the world would end tomorrow, who would I spend my last day with?” If the answer is your significant other, you may truly be in love. Of course, many of us would not want to spend it without our families as well. If your significant other is on the list directly after family, then it is possible you are truly in love. If the significant other supersedes your family, then you very likely are truly in love. Again, consider how calm the decision is. If you are manic about wanting to be with them, then you may simply be obsessed or intensely enamored. If you are calm and confident in your choice to be with your significant other (more than anyone else is), then you are likely in love.

Is your Life Better With Him/Her?

If nothing else can tell you if you are truly in love, ask yourself if any/all aspects of your life are better. Do not just ask yourself if you are happy. Instead, ask yourself if you wake up happy, knowing that you will see him or her. Take the time to notice if you generally put up with their presence, or if you look forward to it. Consider if life would be better or worse without him/her involved. These questions will lead you to realize whether or not you are truly in love.

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