how to thaw frozen meat in 5 mins

How to Thaw Frozen Meat in 5 mins

There are few things more frustrating than when you get off work, come home, and realize that you did not take out the meat for dinner. You had a long day and all you wanted to do is come home, cook dinner, and relax. Thawing meat takes a long time and now dinner will not be ready for a while. That is an incorrect statement. There are a few ways that you can cut down on the time it takes to thaw a piece of meat.

Method 1: Use the Oven

I have found the best way to thaw meat very quickly is to place your cut of meat on an oven safe piece of cookware. Then turn your oven on to the lowest setting it has. This is usually about one hundred and seventy degrees. Place your meat and container uncovered into the oven. Now all you have to do is wait. This process usually requires about ten to fifteen minutes per side. For larger cuts of meat, the timing will be a little longer.

Method 2: Use the Microwave

A second method you can try to thaw your meat is to use the microwave. Many microwaves have a defrost button. All you have to do after you have pushed that button is enter in how many pounds your selected piece of meat is and hit the start button. The microwave will automatically set a time and start running. Make sure that you check on your food from time to time since the microwave will start to cook your meat at some point. This is not my preferred way of defrosting since a microwave has a tendency to take the moisture out of the food.

Method 3: Use Running Water

Another simple method is to take out a bowl that your selected cut of meat can fit into and place it under a stream of running water. Make sure that the water is not hot or warm. The water should be just slightly cool to touch. This process usually takes about twenty minutes to complete. It also use a lot of water, but it will get the job done.

These few methods will defiantly cut down on the time it takes to defrost your meat. Especially when compared to the traditional way of thawing by taking it out and setting it on the counter for hours. These methods will certainly have you enjoying your food much quicker than you first might have expected.

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how to thaw frozen meat in 5 mins

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